What I Wore: Style Challenge Prize

September 14, 2015

You might remember a few weeks ago, I won A Quirky Bird's 100 Style Challenge with this submission which was very exciting!

I actually met Zoe of A Quirky Bird this past weekend for a coffee with kids in tow, where we chatted about op shopping, blogging including ProBlogger goss and things Adelaide.

The prize was a hundred big ones which came in very handy for my trip to Sydney and since the weather finally decided to recognise here in Adelaide last week, I was able to facilitate a style post with the photographic help of Stacie.

Let me talk you through it:

After walking around Myer Miss Shop in Sydney for quite some time and trying on ALL THE THINGS, I finally came across a pair of culottes from Saints + Secrets.

Obvs culottes are on their way back and I hadn't given them much thought until I saw a sharply tailored pair styled almost as a midi skirt by a lady on the street here in Adelaide in such an impressive way and I thought that was definitely something I could be a part of.

At 30% off the already reduced price, I scored them for $43 which was most agreeable.

I also ended my search for a comfortable pair of peep-toe ankle booties at Big W for $39 which don't appear to be available online. I did see them in-store last weekend on special for $29 (OF COURSE). I can't believe how easy these are to wear which is great for a day of work then unexpected amounts of walking on nights out. Now to find an equally awesome pair in tan! (I'm already eyeballing these Sportsgirl numbers. The price needs to drop first although it is my birthday next month . . . )

Finally, to take me up to the $100 total, I treated muhself to a piece from local Adelaide company Blush & Co - after much agonising over which one to get, I settled on "Marble on Blush - short" for $32. Yes, this was a bit over $100. I didn't mind too much about chipping in the extra few bucks.

Now for the outfit (including a new $8 pair of sunglasses from Kmart):



Here's a closer look at me wearing the Marble on Blush . . . along with my windblown hair and new phone headset for work. Or as I call it, my Madonna mic. Don't think I didn't rock out some "Express Yourself" because I totally did.

I panic-wore this striped TBC top from Harris Scarfe and am not that happy with the look of it in the photos but I am looking forward to rewearing the culottes over Spring with a more pleasing top solution.

And just in case you think I'm taking myself too seriously . . . #modellyfe


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