Style Challenges - #aqb100stylechallenge and #findingmystyle

July 13, 2015

#aqb100stylechallenge with A Quirky Bird

Over at A Quirky Bird, Zoe is running a cool worldwide style challenge, inviting readers to submit an outfit edit costing $100 or under to be in the running for a $100 Coles Myer gift card.

Now, for me, this would normally be no trouble. The catch was that all items needed to be current - so op-shopped or vintage pieces that usually get me well under that kind of dollar limit were out.

I spent some time digging around some of my favourite online shopping sites, which was incredibly difficult for me, given my No-Buy July status, so I hope you all appreciate the torture and torment I've put myself through to get this collection together.

Let's all agree not to mention the wavy red underline from my PowerPoint screenshot, shall we?
Many thanks
I settled on this embroidered Lee Cooper tie-waist dress from Big W to build my look around, in the on-trend Marsala shade. 

From there, I snagged a bargainic pair of basic black leggings at Best & Less, then sussed out jackets at Crossroads, where this biker one caught my eye. 

A well-placed targeted advertisement lead me to find this peacock Boohoo scarf and I hit up the Cotton On online empire to snag a well-priced pair of boots and some fun shades

Sitting at $93.95, I knew I could squeeze a cute pair of earrings in under budget, and a quick look at Colette Hayman proved me right.

All prices were current as at 10 July, 2015.

#findingmystyle with Agent Mystery Case and The Fashionable Mum

I've also entered into the Outfit Under $50 #findingmystylechallenge hosted by The Fashionable Mum and Agent Mystery Case in the hope of also winning $50 towards the inevitable August binge.

This one was easier for me to pull out of my own wardrobe because I could include vintage and op-shopped pieces:

Having said that, the dress is actually current at Kmart for $20. I bought it in another colourway first, then loved it so much I went back and got this one.

Sunglasses were also from Kmart a little while ago for a hefty $8.

(As an aside, can we all agree Kmart need to get with the online shopping program? I easily could have completed the first challenge in five minutes if I could have accessed their stock online!)

The vintage brown PU bag with cool lucite handles picked up in this op shop trip for $4.

Tights are from a Myer dump bin years ago for $5.

Shoes are vintage leather Footrest brand, also snagged at the op shop for $2.

Oh, and I've just noticed/remembered the belt - it isn't the one that comes with the dress but I pulled it off another one so essentially, it's free. That brings this outfit to a total of $39, well under the limit.

Now, fingers crossed so I can properly celebrate at the end of No-Buy July!

Have you ever won a style challenge? Are you having a crack at either of these?

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