Almost Posh Turns 1, Celebrates With Facelift

September 17, 2015

I seriously cannot believe I've been at this blogging caper for a year.

It seems like only yesterday Bridie furiously messaged me (from the next desk) in all caps after one of my hilaire zingers: 


I'm all "Yeah but what do I blog about?"

What indeed? Well, I wasn't sure at first but it has settled into being "things I like", which is mostly shopping, fashion and style, beauty and the occasional life-based anecdote and product review. That isn't to say I don't like things I don't blog about, like parenting, travel or eating food for example, it just seems to be what works so here I am, giving no cares about niches.

I've really enjoyed my blogging - apologies, I'm going to use the word - journey so far. (Obvs, or else I'd have shelved it ages ago). It has given me an opportunity to engage online and in person with some really rad people. This is a big thing for me, as I am an introverted showpony and navigating a room full of strangers can be difficult and stress-inducing although give me a stage and a microphone and I will happily address you all and with any luck, make you laugh.

Reading other blogs has also been both entertaining and educational. What HAVE I been doing on the internet all this time? I've picked up beauty hacks, fashion tips and tip-offs to sales and bargains as well as followed along with this last year in their blogging lives.

I've also been lucky enough to connect with a few brands, attend a few events and appear in the media which I so wasn't expecting within the first year. I pictured toiling away, writing for friends and family and maybe the occasional weirdo random for at least six years before anything like that came my way so I am really grateful and proper flattered to have achieved some of these things within the first year.

Almost Posh started life as Ghetteaux Posh and was titled such for about four months until I changed it in January this year. Kids, make sure you really love your blog title before you go around buying up domain names and creating user profiles and gmail addresses. Also, don't go for some made-up spelling to be witty and cute. This also applies to life in general.

I also had a hot pink and yellow theme going on.

Before going a bit less Impossible-Mission-on-the-Commodore-64.

Now on to the new look!

One of the Kardashian/Jenner kids turned 18 recently and allegedly celebrated with plastic surgery so I thought I'd follow in the same vein and give the blog a new look to celebrate the first anniversary because anything a celebrity does is okay by me.

I commissioned this hand-drawn illustration via Fiverr from user fuchsia mea who created this fab banner of "me" next to the famous Rundle Mall's Balls from a couple of reference photos and a very dodgy pencil sketch, keeping it proper real with my Target and Kmart bags!

Well . . . when I say keeping it proper real . . . this is obviously not to scale. In fact, in reality I am not nearly even as tall as one ball. And I have a little more flesh on my bones. Let's call it artistic licence. 

I tweaked around with colours, fonts etc. to match and popped up a new pic for the About Me photo. On my blogging "to-do" list is to obtain a proper headshot but for now, the old iPhone will do.

Here are a few of my favourite post labels from the year.

Throwback Thursday

No-Buy July



Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to read, comment or thrown a like my way and I look forward to the next year of blogging good times!  

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  1. Love the new look, Happy Blogiversary. xx

  2. Very stylish new look! I love it!

    Happy 1st Blogiversary!!


  3. Oh I love the new look! Not almost posh, VERY posh! Happy Blogaversary - congrats on all you've achieved! Here's hoping that one is fun! x

  4. This is my first time stopping by, but I had to say that I LOVE your new look! I agree that it is totally posh. It's always fun looking back on old headers! It definitely shows the 'journey'. xx

    1. Thanks for dropping in, Krissy! I so wish I had a screen shot of how the blog used to look . . . it was pretty MySpace

  5. Happy blogaversary! What a fab year you've had and the new look is fabulous! As an ex adelaidian I LOVE the malls balls! Cheers to another fab year ahead! Xx

    1. Thanks Shannon! I was originally going to have Tea Tree Plaza but I thought the Mall's Balls had a bit more reach. Even if I look like a giant next to them, haha!

  6. Happy Bloggiversary Beth! Celebrate the wins my dear - a year is massive! xx

  7. Congrats and hurrah! I shared a link to this post today on my blog; thought a few of my friends might love to read your sassy stuff.

  8. Your new blog look is lovely! That header is great!

    Congrats on your one year blogaversary too, a wonderful milestone to hit! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thanks heaps, Mica!! It's been a great year, I've so enjoyed it.

  9. Happy Bloggy Birthday! I love the makeover and the header is seriously awesome!! Congrats! x