Sephora Haul & Blogger Meet-Up - Sydney Visit!

August 24, 2015

So last Friday I popped myself on a plane and headed up to Sydney for a little mini-break.

plane wing, virgin australia

Obligatory wing shot. Nice to be above the clouds for once though.

InStyle magazine, Anne Hathaway

I decided to treat myself to a magazine at the airport. Obvs I haven't bought one for a while (as in years) and clearly I'm getting old because I was all like "OMG, $8.20?" It wasn't even that good! Full of bad brows, Anne Hathaway and unwearable, overpriced items that I didn't even like. Definitely sticking to blogs for my fashion fix in future.

I arrive in Sydney in unexpectedly warm weather, do the bag drop and get ready to hit the streets in my Converse, my new favourite jeans and a new jumper, both from Cotton On.

Converse white sneakers, Cotton On 7/8 jeans and striped jumper

And by "hitting the streets", I mean "the shops".

Westfield Centrepoint Tower, Sydney

That's right, ladies . . . *cue angelic choir*

Sephora Sydney

I had been pre-warned that it would not be the most serene and relaxed of shopping environments so I was ready to throw elbows if I needed and ain't nobody gonna hustle me out of the way of the things I'm looking at. I spent a long, long time browsing, poking, swatching, twiddling and sniffing. Happily, I made it out with only some light markings:

Sephora bag and swatches

So what did I get? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Sephora haul, Tarte Cosmetics

The Tarte Cosmetics "How Sweet It Is" Deluxe Lip and Cheek set, featuring the famous Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush and LipSurgence Lip Tint both in "Sweet" as the name suggests, which is a gorgeous golden pink. So pretty.

Tarte Cosmetics How Sweet It Is Deluxe Cheek and Lip Set

Annoyingly, I dug my nail into the blush when opening for the first time - arghh! #beautybloggerproblems

Plus the "Tartelette" Amazonian Clay matte palette. Look at those gorgeously wearable mattes!

Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette palette

Look out for future review posts on these gorgeous items. Meaning I get to join in with the Monday Makeup Madness Link Up on Fabulous and Fun Life as I am today!

Headed back to the hotel to get ready for a night out with friends when I made the unfortunate discovery that I had forgotten to bring a significant number of clothing items with me. Just clean forgot. What the actual. So I had to make do in this Crossroads top, same jeans and a new pair of peep-toe booties from Big W which are the most comfortable things ever.

Crossroads leopard print knit, Cotton On jeans, peeptoe booties

Made the unfortunate discovery that the "centrally located" hotel I'd chosen was indeed located centrally to Central Station which, as the name suggests, had quite a lot of train-based activity through the night, in that each one of them honked their air horn as they went into the tunnel, right outside my room. Did I also mention I was also rolling with some sort of bug/virusy thing? So, no sleep then. Awesome.

The next day, I felt rubbish but managed to pull myself together for a walk around in the gorgeous weather in my winter whites (aka legs) that haven't seen the sun since March.

white converse, striped dress

War Memorial, Hyde Park, Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Centrepoint Tower, Sydney, Church

Sydney Town Hall

My plan was to shop like crazy. But have you ever noticed that when you have the cash, the time, the opportunity and the inclination to shop, there's nothing to buy? I wandered in and out of shops and saw nothing I liked. So I didn't load up like I thought I would. A couple of items that will be revealed in a later blog post. Oooh.

Then it was time to meet my blogger blind date . . .

Christina from Love That Lippie!

Christina from Love That Lippie

We met in front of Sephora and dipped in for another go. Christina had a hit list and I couldn't resist picking up the Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick in Lolita (after grabbing one for my friend Stacie the day before) and a tightline mascara mini from IT Cosmetics.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Lolita

We then sat down for beautifully presented tea, cake and a lengthy chit-chat about all things beauty, blogging and beyond! Christina's blog presents unfiltered, unedited lip swatches from all brands budget to luxe as well as other fun makeup looks and things, with a humourous and real approach. So check it out if you've not done so.

Tea Salon

Christina is totes lovely. I was so happy I got in touch with her to meet up while I was there and she made the effort to come all the way into town to meet me despite being under the weather AND she was rocking a beautiful bold lip as anticipated! 

Here we are "finding our light".

Christina from Love That Lippie and Beth from Almost Posh

I then dragged her all over the CBD as my phone took us in varying different directions back to the train station. Sorry again, Christina!

After another largely sleepless night, I had time for another good walk around the area, admiring historical buildings before brunch.

Griffiths Tea warehouse Sydney

Smashed avo and smoothie, Basket Brothers

Before I knew it, I was at the airport and heading home, where there waiting for me were my daughter, husband and NEW KATE SPADE PURSE.

Kate Spade purse fuchsia

So how was your weekend? I think I need a weekend to recover from this one! 

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