Friday, 26 August 2016

#AlmostPoshStyleCost: August

It's the end of winter!!

Hahaha, jokes, we all know the seasons have moved a month out (sign my petition to have summer officially recognised in the Southern Hemisphere as January to March and so on) and we still have another month of blustery weather to content with. September is always windy as in Adelaide, coinciding nicely with our Royal Show and blowing all that fresh new pollen right up into our nasal cavities. Achoo.

Weather conversation aside, let's see what I picked up in August besides Rhinocourt for the #AlmostPoshStyleCost project.

So I didn't include it in last month's roundup because it didn't arrive until this month . . . I had all but cut myself off shopping for July until I was scrolling through Instagram and noticed a Bohemian Traders flash sale (4 hours only) of 40% off all striped items. Well, what's a girl to do? #teamstripes

Bohemian Traders striped dress | Almost Posh

I hit up the Round She Goes market with my Mum. Nice stuff but a little crowded for my tastes, no sooner did you stop and look at something were there people literally right up on you looking at the same thing. Do not want. Anyway I managed to squeeze myself next to a rack and picked up two skirts for $5 each. Here's the Jacqui E one:

Jacqui E skirt, Bettina Liano top | Almost Posh

And here's the Sussan one, brand new with a $99 tag . . . I wasn't too sure about this one at first but I think it will be alright.

I was pleased on my return to Costco to find they still had those Bettina Liano sweaters like my black one pictured above in different colours, so I picked up the buff / beige / nude / neutral / oatmeal, whatever you want to call it. Annoyingly though, it's pretty sheer, even for a knit and wearing a singlet underneath shows through like nobody's business and looks heaps daggy so haven't developed a solution for that yet. Hence, no photo. Any tips would be appreciated.

I also don't have a photo of the cute OTS blue paisley top I got from Kmart so keep an eye out for that one.

Finally got some thrifting action in with a visit to Savers, where I picked up this super jazzy sequinned black tunic / dress arrangement. I'm planning to wear it to my meet and greet with current reigning RuPaul's Drag Race winner Bob The Drag Queen next weekend! YASSS, WERRRRK! I think this is quite possibly the only item from Supre I've ever owned.

Supre black sequinned shift dress | Almost Posh

The Iconic* dropped a 40% off sale and I had stored credit so what was I supposed to do, just ignore it? I popped on two dresses from Atmos&Here. Pleasingly, the parcel arrived in less than 24 hours - how good is that. Stay tuned for an upcoming brand feature on Atmos&Here, featuring photos from my shoot with Jenni at Styling Curvy!

Finally, late yesterday afternoon, I ducked into the Red Cross Superstore with my mum and picked up a Jeanswest print dress that I haven't yet taken a photo of. Did you know it's National Op Shop Week?

Clothes and Shoes
Items acquired: 5
Total original ticket "value": $483.89
Paid: $135.38
YTD Spend: $1,202.31
YTD "Value": $2,357.91

In terms of accessories, I found a brown belt at Savers that goes with my tan ankle boots so that was also pleasing, even if it could so do with a loop (or blu-tac) as it goes a bit floppy at the end.

Items acquired: 1
Total original ticket "value": $2.99
Paid: $2.99
YTD Spend: $65.45
YTD "Value": $782.68

* denotes affiliate link

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Posh Picks: Adrift Clothing

As I mentioned last week, the scent of Spring in the air (or it may be just my neighbour's jasmine that gets up my nose), and it's nice to start the season afresh with something new, so I'm pleased to present some light and lovely items from new affiliate partner, Adrift.

Based in sunny Brisbane where their range is designed, Adrift carry that cool summery vibe throughout their collections, with relaxed fits and beach feels in both regular and plus sizes.

I've been admiring their work for a long time around the traps, particularly on my mate Jenni at Styling Curvy, so it was certainly no hardship for me to go browsing around their site, putting together this week's Posh Picks. Click the circle for details.

Pricewise, this sits way up in "treat yo'self" territory for me, but I am no stranger to sale stalking or waiting for promos, so sign up to the email list for 15% off your next purchase and get ready for spring.

Have you got anything from Adrift?

This post contains affiliate links. By clicking through and purchasing, you don't pay any extra but I earn a small amount of commission to save up for some lovely things from Adrift. Please see my PR and Media policy for more details.

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Monday, 22 August 2016

Beautorium Haul

If you are into all things beauty and have regular access to a device that connects to the internet, you've probably heard of Beauty Heaven.

An Australian-based site (Yay! No pining over unavailable products and regular references to Priceline and Chemist Warehouse), Beauty Heaven offers readers reviews, news, forums and . . . most excitingly, REWARDS.

Beauty Heaven Beautorium Haul | Almost Posh

Rewards, as we all know, are jolly good fun. And these ones are particularly good because they aren't based on spending. Members get reward points for filling out their beauty profile, contributing to forum discussions, posting product reviews . . . even logging in! I can totally do that!

Reward points are then available to be spent in the Beautorium online store that opens a couple of times a year, with a range of products available from skin care, hair care and cosmetics. I know, FREE THINGS! Simply hand over a tenner for postage, which seems reasonable to me and your goods will be heading your way.

As you're able to browse and wishlist the products on offer before the Beautorium opens, I had my sights set on a couple of items that I knew would be popular so I had my alarm set and my schedule clear to pounce as soon as it was open.

Even still, the products were immediately shown as being in other members' carts but I persevered through the lagging site and kept refreshing until one of my products popped up as available and I snagged it. All up it took half an hour to check out with my one product but it was totally worth it! Here's the Facebook Live haul video, if you can call it that.

Free stuff is good, bonus free things are even better. If you can't or won't watch the video, let me break it down. Not only did I receive the mascara but some Dermal Hand Balm (which was excellent timing as my husband is currently suffering chafed hands from cycling in the cold weather) and some travel sized shampoo and conditioner which will be coming with me on my next trip, wherever that may be.

Beautorium haul, hand balm, Goldwell, Benefit They're Real mascara | Almost Posh

Now, let's talk about the mascara.

This stuff is much hyped and while I am cautious about buying into it these days, I figured a $10 outlay for a product retailing at $42 was a sensible enough investment.

ALERT: I've just seen it selling on Catch of The Day for $29 so I would advise you to get right on board that train if you're keen. Catch of The Day sells legit stuff, no fakes. As well as a lot of your drugstore type brands, they've currently also got stuff by NARS, Becca, The Balm, Real Techniques and more. I had no idea about this until I googled for the They're Real RRP so this could get dangerous I am almost certainly going to buy the Real Techniques eye set. Come on, five RT brushes for $29, I'd be a fool not to.

Benefit They're Real mascara | Almost Posh

You can see me apply it in the video above.

As an added bonus, products received from the Beautorium qualify for bonus reward points if they are reviewed and posted within a set timefrane, setting you up nicely for your next round of Beautorium shopping in November.

Are you a Beauty Heaven member? Did you get anything from the Beautorium this round?

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Friday, 19 August 2016

How To Shop Like A Stylist [guest post]

Guest contributor Bridie shares her valuable lessons learnt after her experience with shopping with a stylist.


Lady thinking | Almost Posh

There I was - flabby, fractious and frustrated.  Ready to burn down my entire wardrobe and start again. A thought popped into my head . . . why don't I hire a stylist?

I've long dreamt of the 'guerilla-style makeover' where a van would pull up beside me, bundle me in, work their magic and deposit me back looking fresh as a daisy . . . sadly, my life is not a TV show. If, however, you're a TV exec reading this and you like the sound of The Makeover Van, call me, let's talk. In the absence of my own paramilitary glam squad, I decided to hire a stylist.

While many people think a stylist is out of their price range, it can work out to save you money in the long run.  I had been on a long tear of buying things that weren't quite right for me.  Either because I didn't have time to try on properly, resulting in the "this is lower cut than I'd hoped!" phenomenon or simply falling victim to trends and clothes that neither suited nor fit properly. Since my session with a stylist, I've only purchased items that fit the brief and work together with things I already own, ultimately saving me money and time (and bewilderment - I'm looking at you, SATIN PANTS!)

[image credit]
Anyway, after meeting my stylist at Adelaide's only meeting place, The Mall's Balls, we were off and my shopping trip was very successful.  Without further ado, here's how I learned how to shop like a stylist:

Have a brief (but don't be wedded to it)

To develop a cohesive wardrobe, you need to know what you're looking for. Aimlessly wandering the shops is great for inspiration, but picking up single items can mean a lot of your clothes don't work well together. If you need a pair of black pants for work, then that's fine, but a stylist might notice your shapely legs and convince you to pick up a black ponte skirt instead. (And we all know that dresses and skirts aren't a death sentence - Ed.)

Consider your life and what you do - carrying small children? Taking boxes around the office? Short dresses and stacked heels might not work for you. Your clothes have a function beyond just looks and you need to consider it as part of your brief.

Set a budget

Stylists work to budgets and you can have in mind what you'd like to spend. Rather than think about how much you'd pay per item (i.e. "I'm only paying $90 for black pants") consider setting a budget for a few pieces that work together.  If you fall in love with a staple pair of pants then you can investigate cheaper tops to work with them.

Prep and do your research

My stylist helpfully pre-arranged pieces for me to try on, saving valuable time.  If you don't have someone pre-scouting for you, the alternative is to do your research online and call ahead, so that you won't be disappointed if stores don't have things in your size or the colour you're after.

Try on everything

Shopping alone can make you skittish and gun-shy or just plain lazy. Try on as many clothes as you have time for.  Go out to the big mirrors and check out how things move. That's how you find the real diamonds in the rough.

Take a few risks

Instead of staying in your tight little comfort zone, a stylist will look at you with objective eyes. Mine took my usual look (disgruntled pensioner) and gave it a cool girl twist to keep me looking within the general realm of my actual age. If you have trouble doing this alone, then enlist a shop assistant and ask them some questions. You never know - they might suggest other things that you wouldn't have considered, surprising you.

I worked with Rachel from Little Bird Style Coaching in Adelaide and can happily recommend her.

Have you ever used a stylist? Would you?

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Posh Picks: Spring Already?!?!

No doubt you've noticed a distinctive springlike feel if you've gone into any clothes shops lately, even if the temperature is nowhere near corresponding just yet. Don't let those random 20 degree days fool you, winter is still very much here - well, in Adelaide at least.

If you're one of those keen peeps that like to get the jump on the new season styles, I'm here to help. Remember also, now is a good time to hit up overseas sites as they start clearing out summer stock. I find it super difficult to shop out of season both online and in person but it's worth fighting that impairment to pick up some decent bargains even if you'll have to wait a while to wear them. Or see what you can find that's transeasonal, lose the layers as the weather warms up. Continuing with my endearing advertisement characters theme:
Alexsander Meerkat Simples | Almost Posh

The 90s feels show no sign of abating in a lot of the new drops and while I firmly believe there is some stuff I am simply too old to be rocking again, other things I will be like "shut up and take my money". Click the little + symbol for details.

Are you ready to get the jump on Spring / Summer 16/17? How do you feel about the continuing 90s revival? Have you worn any of this stuff already? I will lay claim to the test-pattern tees and the black slip dress over white tee.

This post contains affiliate links. By clicking through and purchasing, you don't pay any extra but I earn a small amount of dosh to start thinking about my new season style. For more information, please see my PR and Media policy.

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