Monday, 27 June 2016

Leibster Award Beauty Q&A

Quite some time ago, Shell at The Novice Life kindly nominated Almost Posh for a Leibster Award and although I did a Leibster post last year, I thought I'd answer her questions, even if it is rather late. Sorry, Shell!

1. At what age did you become interested in beauty products?

Hard to say, really. I wore mascara in Year 12 and I think I've been wearing some sort of base plus mascara and lipstick for most of my adult life, but it only really escalated over the last five years or so. I used to save wearing eyeshadow "for good" to demonstrate a marked difference between my work look and going out but now I go full face for work and even fuller face for those rare occasions I go out after the sun goes down.

2. Have you ever gambled everything for love? (To quote Ben Lee.)

Well, I did have to make a choice between my now-husband and a now-ex friend when we first got together. Although I'd known her for ten years and him for ten minutes, I took the risk and 13 years later, I'm confident I made the right decision.

3. Name 3 songs you never wish to hear again.

Happily in these days of personal music portability, I don't have to subject myself to the radio very often.

"I Want To Know What Love Is" - Foreigner
"That Don't Impress Me Much" - Shania Twain
Anything at all by Delta Goodrem

4. What's your guilty pleasure TV show?

Geordie Shore and all the associated MTV spin-offs and similar shows including Ex On The Beach, The Valleys, Beauty School Cop Outs etc. Also Ridiculousness and any police procedural shows like COPS, RBT or Territory Cops. And Judge Judy of course.

5. What was the best year of your life and why?

Hmm, good question. There's always highs and lows in every year but I'm happy to say that the last few years have more or less been a steady plateau of contentment.

6. What are you more frightened of - a zombie apocalypse or robots taking over the world?

If by "zombie", you mean some government / military weaponised disease that gets loose (see "The Stand", "Cell" or "28 Days Later") then that.

7. What's your go-to makeup look?

My daily is a fairly neutral matte eye with either a bright or neutral lip, depending on what I'm wearing, a light blush and some Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder to finish.

8. As a teenager, were you a rebel or a goody-two-shoes?

I was pretty good. A few teenage hi-jinx but nothing criminal, deceitful or life-threatening.

9. Name 5 people (dead or alive) you would want to invite to a dinner party & why?

I always wonder about this kind of question and if you'd invite someone who'd take over and dominate conversation or whether you'd be too agog to speak or if five is too many and it would be better to have one-on-one time with each person individually, like The Bachelor. And who cooks and cleans up after? Anyway, off the top of my head, I'm thinking David Tennant. Stephen King. Gwen Stefani. Maybe some randoms like the Obamas.

10. Have you ever had a dream that came true?

I've invented things and apps in my sleep that were eventually brought to market by other people which is deeply annoying.

11.What's your favourite social media platform to use & why?

For blogging, I like Insta for the engagement and interaction. Personal is still Facebook . . .  for all its faults!

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Friday, 24 June 2016

Royal Essence Ring Candle Review and Reveal [inc. VIDEO]

You guys all know I didn't start blogging just to rake in free stuff but it's still a lovely perk to be gifted items and when Royal Essence got in touch to offer me a Ring Candle from their range, I was legit excited.

I enjoy candles (which is great because since I've been blogging, I've amassed at least six of them as a direct result) and I also enjoy surprises. I'd heard about ring candles before and the concept appealed greatly. Sure, I told myself, the jewellery inside might not be to my taste but there is a RING! Hidden inside a CANDLE! And you have to wait until it burns down to see what it is!! FUN!

It was quite difficult to make my choice from the Royal Essence selection and I dithered for quite a long time between Cinnamon Doughnuts and Cappucino because I am a sucker for both smells but finally I chose Iced Lemon Biscotti which I figured would give me the baked goods scent I always go for, with the added zing of citrus to add a bit of difference.

Every ring candle has a surprise ring (obvs) inside, valued between $10 and $2000. It comes complete with a tag telling you what it is and how much it's worth, safely chilling in an aluminium packet, waiting to be discovered. You can see some of the reveal photos on the Royal Essence Facebook page.

Here I am in starring in my very own Ring Candle Reveal video. Not featured: me digging around the hot wax with a potato masher.

And if you aren't a video watcher, here's what I ended up with . . . [spoiler alert: pretty!!]

I duly posted this picture on the Royal Essence Facebook page as instructed and got the reply:

"Hi Beth! Congratulations in finding a Tier 2 jewel. You have discovered a 92.5 Sterling Silver* Ring with Swarovski Elements, RRP $150"

* In the video, I say white gold but you know, whatevs.

If this sounds like your jar of candle, then why not enter their giveaway? Each week, Royal Essence give away a ring candle as well as other fun prizes, including:
  • 4 x Jewellery Candles valued at $44.99 each (Free Shipping) 
  • 12 x Rings valued at $25 each 
  • 50 x 15% Off Gift Vouchers (Value $250)
The quality of this candle is worth the bucks on its own. It's hefty, comes in a big old glass jar that's poured right here in Australia (#supportlocal!) and is highly fragranced. If I buy a scented candle then by jove, I want it to SMELL.

 Is this something you'd get into? Have you ever had a ring candle?

I was kindly gifted a ring candle for review by Royal Essence Australia. Images and opinions are mine and authentic. For more information, please see my PR & Media policy.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Posh Picks: Maria Nicola 10 Way Necklace

Although I am all about the low low prices, I still appreciate quality items that offer good value, which ties in nicely with my insatiable need to keep it fresh and interesting in the wardrobe and my resultant love of things that can do double, triple or even dodecahedral duty.

Enter this frankly amazing piece of jewellery from Maria Nicola, the 10 Way Necklace.

Normally I would be a bit suss on an item that promises so much in the way of something out of an Innovations catalogue but having had a few days to wear and experiment with the one I was kindly sent, I can assure you it TOTALLY delivers.

I chose the champagne crystal with rose gold magnets and it's easy to see why it's one of the most popular colours because it is SO pretty, not to mention bang on the rose gold trend. I see no signs of this trend abating and I am riding it all the way with no apologies.

The necklace is made up of four separate pieces; two beady short bits, a single strand and a triple strand of smaller beads that fasten with magnets in a range of different configurations, allowing you create looks to suit your taste, neckline and occasion.

Naturally, I have set about wearing it in some of the prescribed ways, available in a booklet in the box the necklace arrived in, on the website or by using the 10 Ways app. Here's some examples.

Naturally, I had to try and think of more than 10 ways to wear it. These are not endorsed by Maria Nicola and I take no responsibility for any loss or damage!

I had some flat rose gold metal studs that turned out to be magnetic . . .

And what about a jazzy belt to liven up a plain black dress?

I imagine if you had two, you could also mix and match different bead combos to your heart's content! There are also (real) earrings and other optional accessories available to complement the range, including attachable Swarovski pendants and crystal tassels for even more jazziness.

Posh Tips
  • Slide the magnets gently apart, don't yank at them.
  • When latching behind your neck, try not to catch any stray hairs because it kind of hurts.
  • Keep all the bits together in the special box so they don't go walkabout or get stuck to random metallic objects.
  • Not suitable for children because they'll run off with it and you'll need a bribe to get it back.
  • How perfect would it be for travelling? One necklace, multiple looks, save that space!
  • Give as a gift - it's like giving 10 items at once and you will be much loved for it.

I'm pleased to tell you that not only is Maria Nicola Jewellery an Australian business (yay!) but Maria herself will be appearing on Shark Tank tonight (22 June) on Channel 10 so tune in to see her in action or catch up later via TenPlay. To celebrate this fact, she is offering a special 10% off the necklaces, so get in quick.

You can support local by shopping via the Maria Nicola website or if you're overseas, she is also available through Amazon USA. For your chance to win one, head over to see Em at The Illusive Femme for her giveaway

Would a 10 Way Necklace be your sort of thing? 

The 10 Way Necklace was kindly gifted for my review. All images and opinions are mine and for reals. Please see my PR and Media policy for more information. 

Monday, 20 June 2016

Bloggers United AU x LUSH Adelaide Event

After enjoying the first Bloggers United event in February (and still working my way through the boatloads of product received at said event) I was thrilled to be invited to help celebrate their first anniversary with LUSH down at Marion this weekend.

I had been given a few LUSH products as gifts many years ago but wasn't very familiar with their range. Ironically, this is largely to do with their popularity, as the city store is always jam-packed so I never go in for a look. It was great to have the opportunity to have a thorough poke around the store at leisure and learn more about their products, processes and philosophies.

Everything is so natural, it's practically edible. For reals, I thought this was a dessert bar.

There was a fun scavenger hunt. Nici and I tried valiantly but were not the winners. You try reading through hundreds of ingredient listings for specific food items!

The staff were super friendly, charming and passionate about LUSH, with good knowledge of the products they sell; not only uses/suitability but ingredients and ethicality. Is that even a word? Is now.

Attendees were gifted an item of their choice from the range. After much sniffing, sorting and deciding, I settled on this caffeine face and body mask:

I have already used it, and it feels fantastic! Great way to wake up the face.

Thank you to the Bloggers United team, especially Kate from Seduced by Beauty and Nici from Beauty & Food for their work in organising the event.

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Edit: BTW, my Disqus comment system disappeared so apologies if you left a comment using the Blogger system and it got eaten. Not snobbing you!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Posh Picks: Rediscover Katies

As you guys might remember, I recently rediscovered Katies at the VIP Shopping Night in April which has led to the purchase of some of my favourite and most versatile pieces of the year.

Denim Dress - Sold out, soz

Striped tunic - also sold out. Unlucky.

BUT only size 1XL left online so if that's you, get on it.

I'm very happy to have become an affiliate of Katies so I can present you with things before they sell out and then everyone's happy. They are currently having 30% off already reduced sale styles, however here's my pick of the current-season cuteness.

1.   Check Shirt Dress | $59.95
2.   Hood Duffle Coat | $119
3.   Rib Belted Tunic | $39.95
4.   3/4 Sleeve Stripe Shirt Dress | $69.95
5.   Aztec Jacquard Scarf | $29.95
6.   Seam Detail A Line Skirt | $49.95
7.   Ultimate Jeggings | $49.95
8.   Check Wrap Shirt | $49.95
9.   Cowl Neck Knit | $39.95
10. Drop Stone Earrings | $16.95
11. Stone and Chain Pendant | $29.95

Have you bought anything from Katies lately? If not, I suggest you go in and have a look because they are killing it right now.

Post contains affiliate links. By clicking through and purchasing, you don't pay any extra but I earn a small amount of dosh to go towards my next Katies haul. For more information, please see my PR and Media policy.