PONi Cosmetics: Review

May 14, 2019

Allow me to share with you these products from PONi Cosmetics – an Australian brand specialising in brow and niche face items.

I was gifted the Unicorn Champagne highlighter by RY.com.au a while back (much to the delight of my unicorn-obsessed daughter 🦄) and after saving it for good for a while, I now use it pretty much every day. The ombre presentation means I can either go all out on the sparkle or tone it down with the more subdued shimmer for every day. It’s a gorgeous formula presented in a beautiful compact and looks the utter and complete BUSINESS.

You might have seen on Insta recently that I was also gifted the limited edition Mama’s Day Bundle by Makeup Cartel. From the cute chocolate outer packaging to the products I’d been hanging to try within, it did indeed make my Day.

The Brow Magic pencil was something I’d wanted to try for a long time but was always a bit suss on the “universal” shade – a bit like “one size fits all”. To my delight, it really is a great shade match for me, is easy to use and looks perfectly natural. (If it helps you, I am a Shade 3 in Benefit Make Me Brow). It glides on a lot better in cold weather than my more expensive pencil and is firm without being painful, creamy without being sloppy. I’ll definitely re-purchase and save myself some bucks in the process.

The White Knight tubing mascara is another flagship product that I’ve also been keen to try. Featuring one of those nifty double wands depending on whether you want length or volume (¿por que no las dos? 🤷) this super black mascara is buildable, non-smudging, comes off easily and doesn’t leave you with panda eyes the next day. (Fun fact: at some time during the newborn phase with my daughter, I spent ages wiping my under-eyes with micellar water trying to remove the dark smudges before I realised I hadn’t worn mascara for a week.)

Finally, the Lip Magic balm which changes to the perfect pink based on your skin’s pH. I LOVE things like this (hello, Hypercolor tees) and this nourishing balm is great for those school run no make-up faces without looking like a cadaver. A definitely “MLBB” shade and one I’ll be seeing a lot of this winter.

The Mama's Day Bundle is currently on sale and a great way to experience these full-sized products for a saving.

Have you tried any PONi Cosmetics before? Tell me about your faves.

Products were kindly gifted and I decided to do a review off my own back. Opinions and images my own. For more information, please see my PR & Media policy. 

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