4 Big Reasons To Love Dresses Plus 10 Bonus Reasons

February 05, 2016

Hands up if you love dresses!

red dress and balloons | Almost Posh

Yay, me too!

You have probably already gathered from various posts as well as my Insta feed that I am a sucker for a decent dress and I'm about to tell you why.

1. They are so SO easy.

Dresses are the KFC of your wardrobe without the regret and food hangover. So many times I have put together an outfit of a morning, taken Miss L down to childcare, decided I wasn't feeling it, raced home and in the literal five minutes I have before I need to catch the bus, have shed the original, wacked a dress on and bounced before you can say "instant outfit". No coordinating of separates, no worrying if your blacks match. Just grab and go.

beach dress | Almost Posh

2. Anyone can wear one. For reals.

It's all about getting the shape, fit, length and feel right for you. Whether you want to minimise, maximise, disguise, accentuate, cha cha or chill - there is a suitable style out there waiting. Go feminine with a fit and flare, take it to a tomboy place in a tee dress, flaunt bare arms or full sleeves. Shift or swing. Belted or drop waisted. Get an idea of your body shape, google suitable styles then go and try on all the things. 

dress and wrap | Almost Posh

3. There are not many occasions where you can't do a dress.

Sure, if you're working on a construction site, require personal protective gear or are participating in some kind of sporting event then it's unlikely you'll be able to rock a frock but for most occasions that don't involve that kind of activity, a dress can totally work. Whether it's teamed with high heels and big hair or dressed down with sneakers, you can make a lot of dress-based outfits do double-duty for work and play.

striped tee dress | Almost Posh

4. You can easily get four seasons out them.

Transeasonability is a word I possibly made up but totally believe in. Whether it's served with bare limbs and sandals in summer or leggings, cardi and boots in winter, the same dress can see you through all seasons if played right and this should be a factor you take into account when scoping additions to your wardrobe, particularly if dropping serious coin.

tights and mary-janes | Almost Posh

10 More Bonus Reasons

red dress twirl | Almost Posh

1.  Some of them are twirly
2.  You can get ones that look good for a song if you look in the right places
3.  They are easily customisable with belts, tucking methods and knots
4.  They make it look like you've made more effort than you actually have
5.  The right style can be so forgiving, you can hide food babies, actual babies pre-announcement and other lumps and bumps
6.  A classic dress is timeless - think of the cost per wear!
7.  Your mileage may vary but I always feel more ladylike in a dress
8.  Throw a tulle pettiskirt under a vintage style and BOOM! Retro styling.
9.  If you're handy with sewing machine, I understand they are quite simple to make
10.  Comfort factor. Think air flow in cotton in summer and warm snuggly knits in winter

Back in the day, I had a huge and lovingly maintained dress collection. Then I got pregnant, so they were put on ice. After Miss L was born, I suffered from some kind of clearance frenzy and got rid of so many of them in a rash epsiode of "THAT WILL NEVER FIT AGAIN". I still regret a few of those decisions. The ones that survived the cull either fell out of fashion or got shabby so they were out too and I found myself suffering from severe dress drought. Recovery has been slow but after a long and thoughtful procurement process involving a lot of bargain hunting and op shopping, I have built my stocks back up again into a nice selection suitable for work, casual, day, night and event situations. I'm still short on maxis (HAHA, see what I did there) but otherwise, I am reasonably well prepared for most frockable eventualities.

Talk to me about dresses!


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  1. I wish I was a dress person! I'm comfy in jeans/pants and a top. I don't think they suit me, but maybe I should try the body shape info you linked, that might help. I really want to get into dresses!