Celebrating 2020 with Dean & Monroe and Noble Fellows Wine

January 12, 2020

I've held off posting this one for a while as it didn't seem right to be cheerily discussing wine and celebrations with half the country on fire. But as my friend Jenni says, "it's okay to be okay" so while my thoughts and donations are with the victims (both human and animal) of these catastrophic events, I'm also enjoying my summer.

I know I'm not the only one sitting here on 12 January 2020 asking where 2019  - and in fact, the last decade - has gone.

2019 brought a new job, new friends, fresh outlooks, SNS nails, major surgery, a sharp spike in skincare interest and many other things I've probably forgotten but relatively speaking, it's been a good one. So what better way to go steaming into 2020 with a nice glass of something to celebrate?

Dean & Monroe Style Series Prosecco

Just before the New Year, I was kindly sent a bottle of prosecco to try. While the only real differences between prosecco, sparkling wine and champagne are the types of grapes used and the location it's made in, I think we can agree that wine with bubbles goes great in summer and is perfect for celebrations. The Dean & Monroe Prosecco is made in the King Valley in Victoria and while I often struggle to identify any of the tasting notes often promised on wine labels (chocolate box???) you can definitely pick up the crispy fruity vibe with this one. The Style Series limited edition bottle also features leopard print, a trend that is looking to compete with skinny jeans in terms of longevity.

Dean & Monroe Style Series Prosecco

Speaking of leopard print, the bottle was sent to me along with a matching leopard-print wrap which I have already taken to to the beach and the pool and thought myself very stylish in doing so.

I was also sent a bottle of Noble Fellows Baron Betsy Pinot Gris, which hails from Marlborough in New Zealand. Obviously, my preference is to support South Australian wines (now more than ever) but hey, the Kiwis don't do a bad drop either. This wine also had noticeable fruit-based characteristics, but don't expect me to tell you what they are, just know that they were there, okay??

Noble Fellows Baron Betsy Pinot Gris

Both Dean & Monroe and Noble Fellows wines can be found exclusively and affordably at BWS stores, so why not check them out next time you're browsing?

Wines provided by Bay PR for review and consumed responsibly. No payment received. Some images supplied. All opinions mine. Please see my PR and Media policy for more information. 

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