#AlmostPoshStyleCost: March

April 01, 2016

So I'm tracking my expenditure on clothes, shoes and accessories this year.

In an attempt to keep said expenditure slightly under control, I decided to try and stick to a vague shopping list for the next few months.

How's that working out?

Well, not bad, actually!

Firmly on the list were new black leggings for the coming season, which I duly picked up at Kmart for $7.50 THEN I found a ponte/pleather pair (pleggings) at the AWL Thrift Shop in Hectorville for $6 so you better believe I scooped them up. The brand - Matty M - was unfamiliar but I later saw it at Costco so they do me a solid once again. Shown here with my bargain Kurt Geiger booties.

sequin tee, leggings, kurt geiger booties | Almost Posh

I had to return that Dorothy Perkins Stripe Jacket from last month to The Iconic^ as it was too BIG this time!! No other sizes available so that was deeply upsetting. Now I have $23 dollars and change in credit, burning a hole in my Iconic account.

Along with said jacket, I bought a black and white striped Atmos&Here top that I loved so when I saw a $20 grey and black version in Target, I figured I had to have it. On the same trip, I popped on those ankle boots I mentioned. At full price, which is unlike me, but I didn't want to miss out.

I know, I know, I needed a belt.

Striped tee and denim skirt | Almost Posh

Further, in the shoe department, I had been experiencing a growing need for some casual canvas loafers and Kmart came to my aid by throwing these out for $10. Got the navy pair too. So comfy, so cheap. If they had grey, I'd have bagged them as well.

canvas shoes | Almost Posh

I saw this boho floral dress at Millers for full price last month when I bought my black stretchy cropped jeggings so finding this AND the blue version of said jeggings on the $10 clearance rack this month meant I had them in my possession before you could say "Mum, where's your rewards card". Both totally still falling into the transeasonal category. Dress shown here with the Kmart leggings and Target ankle boots described above.

Millers floral dress | Almost Posh

Popped into Savers for a squiz and picked up a couple of things with my 20% discount reward, including a Sportscraft merino wool cardi for $10.50 (no pic yet) and this BNWT Luca & Marc knit jumper with an original price of $59.95 that I got for $9.70.

Luca & Marc jumper | Almost Posh

On the same day I got myself back to Kmart (under the guise of winter shopping for my daughter, which I duly did) and picked up some nice transeasonal toppage to wear with both jeans and leggings. (Note to self: acquire similar in different colours). This one was $15 -  I like how the simple strip of lace detail on the back elevates it to something jazzy.

Kmart top | Almost Posh

This marsala top (looking more purple here) was $10 and was what I was wearing when Bridie came up on me in a cafe near my house yesterday and I was all "ARGGHH!!" because I wasn't mentally prepared to see anyone I knew (and she doesn't even go here). Does anyone else do that?

Kmart top | Almost Posh

I also got this lightweight anorak which I'm quite happy about - shown here with the navy canvas flats. Except the bobbly things on the waist drawstring hit my knuckles when I walk. Is this a common thing? It hurts and I don't like it.

kmart anorak, striped tee and jeans | Almost Posh

I told myself at this point I needed to calm my primary producer facility for the rest of the month but then I went to Target when they were having 20% off and I had already said I needed those Dannii Minogue Petites ripped jeans. So I got them. I also found this top on the clearance rack for $12.50 so I'd have been a fool not to get it as well. It's another size 8. I don't understand but I'm happy to play along.

Target jeans and top | Almost Posh

I did go a bit nutz this Mad March so I might try and hold off a bit during April to regulate my expenditure for the year. I was given an ASOS voucher last week, I have Iconic credit and also credit to spend at SWOP here in Adelaide so that should satisfy any cravings.

In terms of accessories, I acquired my Marc by Marc Jacobs Mini Q Natasha bag and earrings, thanks to Farfetch.

Marc Jacobs bag, earrings Hourglass blush | Almost Posh

And I got three random items for $10 at Lovisa; a par of ear cuff things, a big black hair flower and a ring. I intended to wear them for DJing the other night but I couldn't get the cuffs to stay on my ears and the flower looked like a big black cabbage perched on my head. I did wear the ring though.  

Lovisa ring | Almost Posh

Clothes and Shoes
Items bought: 14
Total original ticket "value": $496.45
Paid: $242.40
YTD Spend: $413.38 (adjusted to reflect Iconic credit)

Items "bought": 5
Total original ticket "value": $513
Paid: $10
YTD Spend: $31 

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