#AlmostPoshStyleCost: February

February 26, 2016

As I mentioned at the start of the year, I have decided to track my expenditure on clothing and shoes for 2016 to see what it really adds up to. Here's what I spent in January and what I spent it on.

I did end up returning the Dorothy Perkins top - it was just a bit small and the crepe fabric gave no allowances, so that is now a $56.28 credit chilling at the Iconic with two items in the wishlist waiting for a sale. Well, when I say chilling - I mean, I've already spent it but let me go in chronological order, okay?

Patience is something I'm also trialling this year. I am waiting for Farfetch.com to offer free shipping before I claim my $500 prize because why would I pay shipping if I don't have to?

February saw a rise in expenditure as I grabbed some more "expensive" items.

The first was this off-the-shoulder dress from Crossroads. Admittedly I had questioned the trend earlier in the year, but I really liked the navy with cream trim waisted style, also I found a strapless bra that I had bought in the States in 2011 that actually fit so I thought I'd get on board. Never say never, am I right? I haven't worn it yet because I've been saving it for the Bloggers United event this Sunday.

Crossroads off the shoulder dress | Almost Posh
Crossroads | Off The Shoulder Dress RRP $49.95
I paid $34.97 during a 30% off sale
Stylejack me if you like.

I clicked and collected as it wasn't available in my size in store and they had an offer for $10 basics online. I had mentioned my need for a white cami singletty thing last month and so I picked up one of those as well, saving $2.95. Here I am wearing it under that white Kmart top I also mentioned last month.

white Kmart top | Almost Posh

Mum and I hit up one of our favourite op shops and I picked up a Marks and Spencer dragonfly print top (marked at $3.25) and a cute striped dress from Gap ($6.25). I used my accumulated Salvos points and paid $6.20 total for both items. After trying on the dragonfly top at home, I decided I wasn't into it as much as I thought so I passed it on to my mother in law.

I intended to wear the Gap dress earlier but first I had to remove a big stain on the front and then my husband hung it out on the line. By folding the skirt over and pegging it. I KNOW.

So once it was all wrinkle-free I had it lined up for a Monday morning and went ahead and took my #everydaystyle pic, only to find it looked ridiculous. See how high it comes up at the waist at the front and bunches under the bust? Like I need that. So disappointing. Not sure what to do with it yet, it may be salvageable either by wearing a skirt over the top like I did recently here or maybe a knit in cooler months. Sure it was only $3.10 but still.

Striped GAP dress | Almost Posh

Anyway, that same day, we hit up Millers and I got an excellent pair of stretchy black cropped jeggings for $25. They are so comfortable! And did I mention stretchy?

Millers black jeggings | Almost Posh

Millers were having a "get 50% off the second item" sale so I nabbed this rad necklace for $6. They even regrammed me wearing it which was quite a thrill.

Millers necklace | Almost Posh

I had to get an emergency cardi one Friday when I had planned to visit the Garden of Unearthly Delights (part of Adelaide's Fringe Festival) in the evening and the day panned out cooler than anticipated. Picked this up from TEMT for $19.95. FULL PRICE, URGH! Excuse the dramatic spotlighting. Since I recently made the decision to only purchase transeasonal items from now on, I'm okay with this and I really like the colour.

TEMT cardigan | Almost Posh

The Iconic currently has an extra 20% off sale items (until Monday: use code EXTRA20 at checkout) so I thought I might as well hit up a couple of wishlist items with my stored credit. I went for these stripey numbers because stripes:

Atmos&Here Nadene Lace-Up Tee^
Dorothy Perkins Stripe Jacket^
Was $79.95, on sale $28.80, I paid $23.04
Finally, I randomly hit up Kmart and stocked up on some basic tees in olive, grey and white for $5 each.

I decided I would track also start tracking accessory spending separately. I didn't acquire anything in January but this month I got said Millers necklace plus an awesome vintage leather mini Gladstone bag for $15 at the Animal Welfare League ReTAILs shop in Gawler.

vintage mini gladstone bag | Almost Posh

Clothes and Shoes
Items bought: 9
Total original ticket "value": $196.10
Paid: $169.11
YTD Spend: $217.06

Items bought: 2
Total original ticket "value": $27
Paid: $21
YTD Spend: $21 

^ denotes affiliate links. By clicking through and stylejacking me, you don't pay any extra but I earn a small commission to continue my transeasonal acquisition program. For more information, please see my PR and Media policy.

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  1. Could you try a sash belt with the stripes drrss? I love the off the shoulder dress, gorgeous!

    1. Ooh good thought, Jenni. A sash might save it. That or a cropped jumper