Posh Picks: Belt Up

March 16, 2016

I had a very enjoyable discussion about belt trends on Hangouts recently that sparked this week's Posh Picks inspo; including corset belts, Carla Zampatti obis and Heavyweight Champion styles with massive buckles. Or, you know, Lip Sync Battle style:

I think of myself as so off-trend when it comes to belts because I don't really think about them that much - there is always something else to spend coin on. Basically, unless they come attached to a dress, I never seek them out. I have a hanger full of various ones in my wardrobe. Do you think I look at them ever?

Last week, I should probably have worn one with my denim skirt but because they aren't front of mind, I didn't and it was all a bit loose and unfinished. Belts can be that one thing that takes your outfit from passable to polished, so it's really time I got myself educated.

I googled "belt trends aw16" to see what I should be looking out for this season, Apparently everything is in, so that's handy. Big-buckled, rope twists and ties, clever cinchy things, metallic, woven, bows and baubles. Here's a few I've rounded up that have me really thinking about the possibilities that exist beyond your stocko leather strip with metallic square buckle although they are still very much in play . . .

1. Braided Bow Elastic Belt | Forcast | $29.95^
2. Peter Lang Fonda | The Iconic | Was $114.95 now $57.48^
3. Faye Rope Elastic Belt | Forcast | $29.95^
4. Loop Leather Co Indigo Wrap Belt | The Iconic | $99.95^*
5. Geraldine Belt | Forcast | $14.95^*
6. Loop Leather Co. Is It Friday Yet | The Iconic | $40^*
7. PU Wrap Belt | Forcast | $19.95^
8. Gina Slim Belt | Forcast | Was $19.95 now $10^*

I'm really loving the Braided Bow and Rope Elastic belts in particular and the ones marked with * are very similar styles to what I already have chilling on that belt hanger, so go me! Bang on trend without even knowing it!

Are you belty or not very? What's your favourite kind of belt? Least favourite?

^ denotes affiliate links. By clicking through and purchasing, you don't pay any extra but I earn a small amount of money to kick start a new belt obsession. Please see my PR and Media policy for more information.

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