#AlmostPoshStyleCost : April

April 29, 2016

It seems like only yesterday I was writing up the March round-up for the #AlmostPoshStyleCost project and here I am again, totting up April's balance already.

After March's considerable aquisition program, I steadied myself for April in preparation for the holiday I have booked in May which will include potential proximity to DFO and the like. However I did pick up a few major items. Here's what I snared:

I was given a $50 ASOS voucher as payment for a DJ gig so I rubbed my hands together, hit up the ASOS mobile app during a 15% off sale and snared this Fashion Union 2-in-1 top for $48 of those free dollars because I'd been wanting to do this look for ages.

You might have seen this picture on my Insta or FB:

Yeah, that's right. I had to wash it because I got make-up on the collar when trying it on, only to discover that the faux white shirt under the jumper - the one I bought because I don't iron and I wanted to create the look of a shirt under a jumper - needed to be ironed.

The IRONy.

Anyway, here it is on when it's not actually dirty or being washed or needing ironing.

I went along to the Katies VIP Shopping Night as most of you know, and picked up a few things that were specially discounted PLUS a free stripy top gift with purchase worth $19.95!

Then I had that awesome Shopper's Premonition experience with the striped tunic. I was so excited, I did a Facebook Live Streaming video.

Yeah, the delivery needs work as does the camera angle but it's fun to try something different. Here's the static pose which is less sackular.
I also picked up an ASOS midi skirt at Savers this week for a mere $7.
So it's a small wrap up this month - I like to think quality over quantity! And since I just forked out for my ProBlogger ticket, it's probably going to stay pretty lean over the rest of the year. 

Clothes and Shoes
Items acquired: 6
Total original ticket "value": $284.80
Paid: $131.34
YTD Spend: $544.72
YTD "Value": $1390.53

In terms of accessories, all I've acquired is that necklace in my Katies goodie bag. I do like it but it didn't sit nicely with my bust, so I've gifted it to my Mum.

Items "bought": 0
Total original ticket "value": $0
Paid: $0
YTD Spend: $31 
YTD "Value": $540

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