Katies VIP Shopping Night

April 08, 2016

I hadn't ever given much thought to Katies until recently; I had a striped maxi dress I got while pregnant over 3 years ago but that was about it. It's not like I'd written it off as being too old (I do have the odd piece from Millers, after all!), I had just never got around to making it a regular on my shopping rounds.

So when they launched their new campaign featuring two of the bloggers I follow, Adelaide's Sonia Styling and Nikki at Styling You, I got some more exposure to the brand and found I really liked the look of some of the new pieces for AW16.

THEN when a post on Facebook alerted me to a shopping event featuring Sonia AND it was out at Munno Para instead of Marion where everything always is, I was keen and THEN when my blogger friend Lauren from Teacher Types asked if I wanted to go along, well, it was a world of yes!

Lauren and I both appreciated the opportunity to shop kid-free in the evening (without it being late night shopping which is sometimes just as chaotic) and had a hit list of items to acquire.

Almost Posh | Teacher Types | Sonia Styling

As you can see, I have a firm grasp on the denim dress Sonia is wearing (not the literal same one, that would be creepy) because as soon as I saw it on her blog, I felt like I needed it in my life. The dark, heavier denim is perfect for the cooler seasons and I love a tie waist - it gives shape while still fully adjustable, pending how much food I've eaten. I've added tights and my Novo leopard print wedges for a bit of fun. Note to self, need more opacity in my tights. Also need long boots in both black and tan, as per my Shopping List.

Katies denim dress | Almost Posh

Katies denim dress | Almost Posh

It was good being able to try on different things at leisure. I felt a lot of love for this amazing fur-trim cardigan and added it to my wishlist. So luxuriant.

Katies fur trimmed cardigan | Almost Posh

My main focus, however, was a short jacket. As I mentioned on Instagram, this has been the "bain marie" of my transeasonal wardrobe for the last twenty years or so. Being small-framed with a big bust and short arms, everything either swamped, constricted or hung loose. I needed something cute to throw over a dress or wear with pants before it gets into heavy coat weather. Something that had more structure than a cardigan, with a bit of warmth and a bit of sass. 

Over the years, I tried every denim and leather jacket known to [wo]man,they never sat right, were too pockety, stiff and uncomfortable and trenches made me look like I was wearing a dressing gown. Then Sonia showed me the PU ponte jacket and advised to try a size 8 (I'm usually a 12 - well, as usual as you can get when sizes are so ridiculously different, amirite?)

*cue angelic choir*

Katies Ponte PU jacket | Almost Posh

Katies Ponte PU jacket | Almost Posh

See how the sleeves don't dangle over my wrists? See how it gives a bit of shape? See how the pleather sleeves give it some sass while the ponte makes for a comfortable fit?? What a find!

Also pictured is the FREE TOP! gift with purchase valued at $19.95. Yep, for realz.

Katies Munno Para | Almost Posh

It was a fun evening and the team at Katies were super friendly and helpful. Here's Lauren making her purchases.

Katies Munno Para | Almost Posh

As well as the free top, I received a special 30% discount, $25 in vouchers AND a goodie bag as pictured below (including a jazzy necklace) so it was well worth the attendance!!

Katies Goody Bag | Almost Posh

Katies necklace | Almost Posh

Have you sussed out Katies' new AW16 campaign? If not, have a look. You might be pleasantly surprised. If you have, is there anything on your wishlist?

Not sponsored, I went along of my own free will and spent my own hard-earned cash.

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