Bioderma Sensibio H20 Review [VIDEO]

May 02, 2016

For something completely different, today I've got a video for you to enjoy; featuring me in the lead role of "Product User".

Weeell, I say "enjoy", your mileage may vary on that. It's my first go. I did it after work one night on the fly in one take, no editing and nothing fancy. Just me in my husband's bathroom with my phone balanced on top of a nappy box. No expense spared at Almost Posh HQ, I can tell you.

If you don't tend to watch videos (and admittedly, I rarely do) let me break it down for you.

I was kindly sent the Bioderma Sensibio H2O micellar cleanser* - the OG of micellar water products - as part of their 20th birthday celebrations by Cosmetiques de France after the Adelaide Bloggers United event. I'd not used micellar water before but of course I had heard all about it because I access the internet from time to time. They were actually running a YouTube competition for beauty vloggers to win a trip to France which is what made me think about the video in the first place although I decided not to enter for reasons that are obvious after you watch it, ie my head.

My cleansing routine generally consists of a baby wipe or two at night and a foaming cleanser in the shower in the morning. Fortunately for me, my skin is alright so I get away with it but I know I should be taking it more seriously. My issue is splashing my face with water. Hate it. Especially in winter. So I need a cleanser that wipes on and off with no rinse required. Now, here's what the website says about how it works:
Sensibio H2O is a very gentle fragrance-free micellar solution that cleanses impurities and removes make-up while respecting the skins natural balance. Thanks to the power of its ultra gentle micelles that solubilise in water and capture fatty molecules (dirt, sebum and make-up), Sensibio H2O cleanses and soothes sensitive and intolerant skin. It is a 3-in-1 product for the face and eyes that does not require rinsing. Sensibio H2O guarantees a high cutaneous (skin) and ocular (eyes) tolerance.
Can confirm. The Sensibio cleanser looks and feels like water as the name suggests and it took very little effort to wipe my work face away. It doesn't stink (or smell of anything!) or make my face feel dry. It has fancy French on the label. I might just have converted!! I have even gone and bought more make-up remover pads! (Watch the video).

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Do people even still say par-tay? Genuine question.

* Product kindly gifted for my consideration. All opinions, words and images are mine and authentic because that's how we do at Almost Posh. Please see my PR and Media policy for more information.

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