Posh Picks: Clutches & Crossbody Bags

February 10, 2016


So you guys might remember I entered a blogger competition on Australia Day for a $500 farfetch.com voucher?


After receiving medical treatment for shock, I spent quite a large chunk of time browsing the site trying to decide what to get for my free money. My initial thought was "bag" followed by "jewellery" because it doesn't matter if you gain or lose weight and I didn't want to waste any time mucking about with returns on wrong-fitting shoes. That didn't stop me seriously considering an amazing Alexander McQueen dress for quite a long period of time. I haven't locked in anything yet *breathe* *focus* *steady as she goes* but I am leaning heavily towards the Marc by Marc Jacobs New Q Mini Natasha crossbody bag with some earrings to make up a bit of the difference and who am I kidding, I will probably end up kicking in some of my own bucks to get something nice with the rest.

Now as much as I would love the bag in fuchsia, I feel like I need to display some sense of restraint and go for the most practical solution (all the better for getting it out more). The pink IS awesome though. Ohhh, HELP!

First world problems aside, I have scoured the Styletread sale section and found some clutches and crossbody bags you might find interesting, at a much lower price point than old Marc Jacobs. I just want to point out I never use crossbody bags as directed because it cuts my bust in half and that's just awful.

You can keep it cool and conservative . . .

Jendi | Latte Clutch^
Was $59.95 now $29.98
(also available in black)
Sassy Duck | Alana Black Clutch^
Was $64.95 now $32.48
(also available in bright orange, quite nice)

I Love Billy | White/Camel/Pink Clutch^
Was $69.95 now $34.98
(also available in black and white)

Or a colourful clutch is such a simple and stylish way to add a bright pop to an otherwise monochromatic outfit (personally I would also strive for matching shoes, but you do you . . .)

I Love Billy | Curved Pink Clutch^
Was $39.95 now $19.98
(also available in multi which is more exxy but pretty rad)

I love Billy | Clunch Blue Paisley Clutch^
Was $49.95 now $24.98
(also available in greyscale)
I Love Billy | Multi Tribal Print Clutch^
Was $79.95 now $39.98
Finally, the thing with one of these smaller bags is that you can inject a bit of novelty randomness and personality into it without a) looking like a Lady Gaga tribute act or b) spending a huge amount of dollars.

I Love Billy | Cassette Clutch^
Was $69.95 now $34.98

I Love Billy | 1 Love Clutch^
Was $69.95 now $34.98
Finally this one, which is not on sale but is still pretty rad:

Vantage | Blocker Shiny Silver^
(also available in gold)

Speaking of Gaga, how excellent was her version of the US national anthem at the Super Bowl? Seriously considering launching a Kickstarter to have her come over and smash "Advance Australia Fair" for the AFL Grand Final.

Any of these baggy beauties grab your fancy? Should I go the pink or black Marc Jacobs or something else entirely?

^ denotes affiliate links. By clicking through and purchasing, you don't pay any extra but I earn a small amount of coin that will probably be pumped into retail or visiting the dentist. For more information please see my PR and Media policy.

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