Posh Picks: Sweet Transeasonal

February 24, 2016

You wil have noticed if you've been into a clothing shop recently that the Autumnal stuff is upon us, even if the weather isn't.

I have personally made the commitment that any new purchases from now on in should have a high transeasonability factor because I do not want to rock up to my wardrobe on a crisp cool morning and be like "Oh, nothing to wear, how lovely!"

If you're prepared and have good foresight, it's a great time to score big in the end of season sales on international sites. I picked up my most favouritist ever raspberry pink coat from an ASOS end of season sale and even though I only got to wear it for a little while that year, I have more than made up for it since. So, you know, bear that in mind.

It's time to start thinking about getting more fabric on; sleeves - not necessarily full length ones - light knits, leggings and skirts, shoes with more coverage . . . I've put together these basic building blocks (or a CAPSULE*, if you prefer) that can be teamed with the colours of the season as you see fit.

Behold the neutrality!

1. Forcast Colette V-Neck Knit (The Iconic) - $29^
2. Audrey Sweater (The Iconic) - $30^
3. Claire Cropped Jacket (Forcast) - was $79.95 now $39^
4. Sass Luna Drape Tank (Freez Clothing) - $39^
5. Atmos&Here Alma Tea Dress (The Iconic) - $49.95^
6. Boody 3/4 Leggings 2-Pack (The Iconic) - $49.90^
7. Liandro Scarf (Forcast) - $29.95^
8. Therapy Perry Boots (The Iconic) - were $59.95 now $47.96^

* Please pronounce in the style of the immortal David Bowie, ie "capp-syuell". Thank you.

Are you looking forward to the cooler weather approaching? What is your favourite thing about autumn dressing? Or do you not want to even think about the end of summer yet?

^ denotes affiliate links. By clicking through and purchasing, you don't pay any extra but I earn a small amount of commission to start my transeasonal acquisition program. For more information, please see my PR and Media policy.

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  1. I can't wait for Autumn, I'm a layer player. Gimme all the boots and scarves��

    1. Love boots and need some new ones this season. Also scarves - instant outfit polish!