No-Buy July: The End

July 31, 2015

Today marks the end of No Buy July, and in the immortal words of Shangela:

If you follow Almost Posh on social media, you may have seen me talking about it on Channel 9's "Mornings" program on Tuesday. I promise this blog post is the last you'll hear of it. 

Well, I'll try.

It was a lot of fun, even if I failed to mention the name of my own damn blog like a complete chump, but being "live via satellite" was pretty cool. 

The day before was spent liaising with the show, getting some material together, talking over the questions and hunting down some "shopping" photos to use in the promo which included Miss L lying on the floor in front of the trolley at Costco and my attempt to make it onto People of Walmart the last time I visited Texas.

shopping with toddler at Costco

people of Walmart, spongebob pants

I had to be at Channel 9's studios in North Adelaide for a live cross. Upsettingly, I had to do my own hair and make-up which was a bit daunting, but I kept it pretty simple by just washing and blowdrying my hair out (disrupting my hairwashing schedule for the week!) and beating my face with just a bit more product than usual.

The wardrobe was more challenging. I had planned to wear my favourite stripy top and blazer but at the last minute they said "no stripes and nothing white". ALL of my nice tops were either striped, white, white with pattern or a bit see-through. DOOOOM. A frantic try-on ensued. Too frumpy. Too shabby. Too fat-looking. 

Time was ticking away. So I panic-wore an ancient Witchery silk top and a Millers blazer. Not happy with the end result but it's done now! I plan to write about panic-wearing in an upcoming blog post. Do you do it too?

Here I am in the car, preparing to go in.

scared and nervous

And pausing for a quick selfie:

channel 9 adelaide

I was met by the camera man and taken into the "green room" (read: staff kitchen) to wait.

I had about twenty minutes to wait so tried to go over my notes and think about what to say, as the Channel 9 newsteam looked on encouragingly.

Then I was led into the studio.

Yasss, green screen!

"Good evening, I'm Beth and this is the Almost Posh news. Grave fears are held that Sephora will never open an Adelaide store in this lifetime."

SO much fun.

I was miked up and had an earpiece in that I could hear the program through but I wasn't looking at the presenters when I was speaking to them, I was straight down the barrel of the camera which made it kind of challenging to converse naturally.

Before I knew it, it was all over, the adrenaline shakes kicked in and I was on my way home to watch it, much to Miss L's delight. "Mum on the big TV!" [looks to the TV, looks back at me] "Two Mums!"

The segment only lasted a few minutes but the messages of support and congratulations from friends and family came through all day which was brilliant.

You can catch it here if you're interested.

Rest assured, I have stayed well away from the comments section on their Facebook page. Apparently not buying stuff is the norm for some people. Bully for them!

Join me next week when normal shopping activity resumes. 

Or will it?

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