Intros and Pintros

September 17, 2014

Welcome to Ghetteaux Posh, where the mission statement is undecided and the aims are as yet unformed.

What do I hope to deliver? Opinions, insights and real talk on a number of topics that are rarely covered online; fashion, parenting, technology and the internet, life lessons, pet peeves and grammar rants, including the importance of a perfectly-placed
semi-colon. May also sneak in the occasional haul post.

The ultimate goal is to post an Outfit of the Day (#OotD) and have the image pinned by a stranger on Pinterest. For this to happen I will need:

  • Large reflective surface that is not a slightly warped $10 mirror from The Reject Shop
  • Polished wooden floorboards or pristine carpet
  • Light and airy bedroom with a chevron bedspread just visible in the soft-focus background
  • Toddler to be out-of-shot and not clinging to pants or reaching desperately for the phone
  • Artfully casual pose with shoulder dip and said phone cleverly obscuring my face
  • Manicure
I can’t remember who introduced me to Pinterest and it took me a while to “get it”, slowly building up a feed by following likely-looking Pinners with similar tastes and tentatively creating a few very generalist boards that slowly became more specific as time went on, interests broadened and pins multiplied. The sensation of looking over a board full of carefully curated images each specially chosen for its aesthetic appeal is indescribably soothing and I’m sure there has been many an article published about the psychology of Pinterest and the tendency for humans to collect things, even if only virtually.

The site is pleasing to look at, especially on a widescreen HD monitor, full of artfully created images and mercifully devoid of blurry selfies, banner advertising or “sponsored posts”. Sure, almost every image *is* an advertisement but somehow it feels okay, like leafing through a high quality glossy magazine rather than a Cheap as Chips catalogue.

I got so distracted while taking this screenshot, I pinned three dresses and a hairstyle 
It’s not just for slack-jawed gawking, it’s also educational. Search “easy hair hacks” and you will be immediately rewarded with step-by-step instructions on taming your weave, although if anything starts with “section the hair . . .” I immediately scroll on, saying “WOAH, WOAH, WOAH, I said ‘easy’!” Same with baking. “Separate the eggs . . . “  “WOAH, WOAH, WOAH” etc.

Should you tire of clothing, shoes, jewellery, hair and cosmetica (lol, as if), there’s the craft and decorating ideas, the educational pins, the graphics tutorials, celebrity pics, inspirational quotes, humour and geekery.

A lot of people say they “don’t have time” for Pinterest, what with their other social media commitments, and it’s true, to get full enjoyment you do need to spend some time regularly browsing and pinning, however their iPhone/iPad app is quite good and can be easily incorporated into your phone browsing routine. It generally slots into mine after Instagram and before Buzzfeed.

My most popular pin has been this pair of shoes I pinned from ModCloth which received such a bezerk amount of re-pins and likes, I had to turn my phone notifications off because I’d be getting my hopes up thinking I had something interesting come up and it was just “Rando McRandomssen has pinned your Pin!” Which is cool for, you know, the first hundred or so.

One day, #OotD. One day.

You can judge my taste via my boards here. Feel free to pass comment.

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