No-Buy July: It's The Final Countdown

July 27, 2015

Yes, you're so welcome for that earworm.

80s hair rock anthems aside, there are only four more days of No-Buy July to endure, so here are the items I have prioritised procurement of upon my return to retail:

Purse (wallet)

Do you say purse or wallet? I've always said purse but depending on your country of origin, you may use this term to refer to your overall handbag. Anyway, I'm referring to the receptacle you keep your cash and cards in.

My old one is bulky, heavy and busted so it needs to go. I'm also sick of the press stud coming apart in my bag, thus spreading out the purse to take up even more room and get caught up in things like headphones and tissue packets so I'm aiming for a zippered version. I've had this one on my radar for some time:

Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Lacey Wallet in Fuchsia
Saks Fifth Avenue - $256

Obvs I am not looking to pay $256 so I have eBay and Gumtree alerts set up and have been scouring the internet for bargains. Yes, I did see it on the Kate Spade website earlier this month. Yes it was on sale with a further 25% off sale prices. No, I don't want to talk about it.

iPhone cover

Seems like a minor thing but I have been sans cover for a while now, which is rather a dangerous place to be as the mother of a toddler. What I'm hoping for is one with a slot at the back for my Metrocard; a proximity card for Adelaide's public transport system. I want to be able to tap and go so it needs to faciliate this without me scrabbling to get it out every time. Critically, I don't want a wallet or flip-style cover, being that I'm on a mission to reduce the number of such items in my bag, and I don't need a wrist strap, cartoon motif or swinging charm because I am not 12. It also needs to have a nice grippy texture because I am fussy. Then I can be mostly rid of my card holder as I have the Stocard app for keeping all the details of my loyalty cards.

Something like this, maybe:

Card Slot Bar Hybrid Hard Rubber Cover Case for iPhone 5S
AliExpress - $6.57 USD

With the reduction in purse size and the phasing out of the card holder (which also comes unstuck and/or buries itself deep in the darkest recesses of my bag just as the bus pulls up, necessitating the one-handed frantic pull-out of ALL THE THINGS), I can save a whopping 785 cubic centimetres in bag space, which is all leading up to the ultimate goal of a smaller handbag. I hope you appreciate that I don't do maths for fun but I am committed to bringing you All The Facts.


Spendless boots, assorted prices

I still proper need some new boots even though there is not a lot of winter to go (yay). Spendless have the ones I was eyeballing reduced and have added some new ankle ones to the mix that are worth a look. I'm still trying to decide if I will get good wear from the brown pair or stick to the black for now. That's what No-Buy July has been good for, rationalising and really thinking through purchases without any buyer's remorse to show for it.

Almost Posh: As Seen on TV

I am pleased/terrified to be able to share with you all (which I may regret, depending on how goofy I look) that I will be talking about my No Buy July experience tomorrow on Channel 9's "Mornings" show. Yes, for reals. So tune in at about 10.10am Sydney time to see how that goes! 

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