4 Things I Want for Winter (give or take)

June 01, 2015

Oh hai, winter. I've been expecting you. Probably because you showed up early about two months ago and cramped autumn's style until it was your turn.

The change of seasons always makes me cast a speculative eye over my wardrobe and decide I need new everything to get me through the season. Although I like winter fashion, things seem to mysteriously shab up in the wardrobe so when I go to pull things out, they look all beaten up and not in a shabby chic vintage patina way.

My boot selection definitely needs a refresh. The toe of my black slouch boots is wearing away (trashy), my suede wedge booties are breaking away at the sole (dangerous) and my camel boots are apparently no longer watertight (unacceptable). 

Spendless have rather a good selection this season. I walk past one on my way to and from work and I have been eyeing off ALL of these . . .

Spendless Shoes, boots, footwear
L-R: Apollo, Agent, Anthem and Estate - all $59.99
I missed the TWO recent sales which is unfortunate. Although 60 rods is usually more than I'd expect to pay at Spendless, these look decent and will be worth a try-on.

Also quite taken with this dress from St Frock:

St Frock, dress, stripes, striped dress, sleeves
Chasing Kate "Elizabeth" Mid Length Dress - $79.90
I do love a sleeved dress in the cooler months and I think this would rock with a decent pair of boots (see above) and some lovely luxe tights as well as the transeasonal look shown in the pic.

Also from St Frock, this jumper that I've been seeing everywhere in the blogosphere of late, in both colourways, please and thank you.

St Frock, jumper, sweater, sequins, spots
Illuminate Sequin Knit - $59.90

And continuing my love of rose gold, I have been eyeing off this from Blush & Co for the longest time:

Blush & Co, rose gold, necklace, jewellery
"Blush of Simplicity" 70cms - $32

Inspired by Mica at Away From The Blue, I have added a bright pop of colour to my handbag wardrobe with this random late night eBay bid (always dangerous). This bad boy is winging its way to me for the low price of $50 plus postage. A good way to try out the Mimco Turnlock mini before committing more serious coin to a pre-loved version of my ultimate want and also to brighten up a grey winter day. I don't think I've owned anything this yellow since my first ever school bag.

Mimco mini turnlock bag, mustard yellow

Are you lining up any winter must-haves?

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