6 Coping Strategies I'm Using for No-Buy July

July 17, 2015

Well, I’m just over the halfway point of No-Buy July and am still managing to stick to the commitment of not buying clothes, shoes, accessories or non-essential beauty items. Who knew I actually bought that much? 

Actually, I don't even know that I *do* buy that much really (#denial?), but cutting out all the associated looking, browsing and quick ducks into Priceline has certainly left a noticeable gap.

As previously stated, it’s been extremely challenging during the time of mid-year sales both in store and online. I am getting notifications e'rry day of a further reduction in sale items and the FOMO is at a record high.

Let’s be real though. I’m not expecting a medal for managing not to shop for 31 days, and even as I explain it to some people I feel like it’s all a bit #firstworldproblems. Regardless, I'm going to tell you how I'm getting through it. 


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Obvs, I would be doing this anyway throughout the month of July but I am finding blogging keeps me accountable. Since I often post about purchases, I've had to put more thought into finding things to post about and show on Instagram. Real life family and friends read Almost Posh so I can't be all secretly spending on the sly either, just so you know.

However, following style and beauty bloggers can be tough when you're seeing new purchases and reviews of products and items you feel you need in your life! 


Guys, did you know The Iconic had 40% off essentials??

It's good to know people are there with me on the journey; Mica from Away From The Blue, Christina from Love That Lippie, Wendy from Beach Style Mum and Jen (@lady_lambkin) are all sharing the struggle! It's nice to get supportive messages and comments and read how others are going on the journey. 

I apologise wholeheartedly for use of the word "journey". What's next, tears and the makeover episode?? Gag. 


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Seriously though, I’ve used this time to reflect on my shopping habits. I’ve realised that shopping is an actual pastime for me. A hobby. And because my purchases are generally minor and at low price points, it has been sustainable, even on a reduced wage. Working in the city, right next to Rundle Mall, means that lunchtime is often spent in unavoidable proximity to retail outlets. On my days off from work, checking out the shops is something to do or somewhere to meet family and friends under cover in cold weather.

Having the time to really mull over my potential purchases with a month lag time has helped to clarify needs versus wants. I am confident in my need for a new purse as my old one is officially shabby and busted. So when August comes around, I won't feel any guilt in purchasing a new one. Do I need to test out a potential dupe for Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder? Probs not critical. Why don't I save my money for the real deal?


I’ve managed to list and sell a bunch of items on Gumtree and eBay and donate a few big bags to Savers. This has given me greater visibility on my wardobe and helped me really identify the gaps. I've also decided not to buy any more cold-weather items and focus on transseasonal pieces so I don't arrive into Spring and be all "I have nothing, therefore I must BUY ALL THE SPRING THINGS."

I've given up on trading due to too many dealings with people who aren't firmly grounded in reality, however Stacie (@indigo_daydream) is doing very well out of it. So it's possible to succeed if you have the patience.


I've identified lunch time on my work days as a vulnerable time so I've tried to steer clear of temptation. Instead of walking through the Mall, I might take a walk along the river. I've picked up a tai chi ballet class on Fridays that I'm really enjoying. On my non-work days, my daughter and I enjoy some at-home time in front of the fire with books and toys and TV. And new camera effect apps on the iPhone.

Happily I haven't redirected my free time into eating. Yet.


I participated in the Sisterhood of The Travelling Gift gift exchange and sent off my parcel to Leanne this week. A day later, I received my gift from Erin, which was amazing!! Check out all the lovely and pretty and thoughtful things! So that was a lovely buzz that didn't involve me shopping for myself.

17 days down, 14 to go.

As an aside, I may or may not have been interviewed by a major publication about No Buy July. 

More on that as it comes to hand.

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