No-Buy July: An Early Stumble

July 06, 2015

So I was all fired up to tackle No-Buy July like it was some kind of 31-day famine (which, essentially, it kind of is) and totally knuckle down to the task of not buying clothes, shoes, accessories and non-essential beauty items.

Guess what. I failed within the first 8 hours.

Not even joking.

Here's the story though, and hopefully you'll cut me a break on it.

I had signed up to do a free pilates class offered at lunchtime on Wednesday, 1 July and I was most excited and keen to get started. After the usual morning drama of getting Miss L up and ready for daycare, whereupon she generally wails and clings to me like a limpet, I detached her, sped home, snatched up my handbag and made the bus with seconds to spare.

It wasn't until I got off the bus in town that I realised I had forgotten my gym bag.


What to do. 

You know what to do.

Head down to Kmart (which mercifully opens at 7.30am in the city) and grab a few items to allow me to undertake the class as planned during the free trial week. 

So here's my No-Buy July buy:

Short-sleeve print top - $8
Singlet - $2
Leggings - $7
Not pictured - 3 pack of crew socks - $3

Luckily, pilates doesn't require shoes and I had a pair of casual loafers in my work shoe collection that I could wear to walk there that didn't look ridiculous. 

As you can see, the above outfit cost me a very reasonable $20 and when I was explaining my fail to my friend Lindell, she suggested offsetting the expenditure with a donation to charity. Luckily, a guy from the Alannah and Madeline Foundation came a-knocking at my door the next day and I was able to help him out a little. Not quite to the "between $30-$1280" (!) tune he was hoping for but help nonetheless.

I've also had to buy a couple of gifts, one for my Sisterhood of the Travelling Gift sister (a fun gift exchange project hosted by Fashionista in Surburbia, Icadoo and A Quirky Bird) and a <$5 lucky dip for our Christmas in July work function. 

It's been difficult to avoid the shops, email alerts and general internet advertising of awesome sales and bargains. Sure, No-Buy July rhymes but it's a REALLY DUMB TIME TO NOT BE SHOPPING. I feel like I'm losing money by missing out on the sales. 

Maybe next year I'll go for NoSpenderSeptember.

Are you participating in No-Buy July? How are you tracking?

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