Vintage Make-Up - No, Not That Kind

July 20, 2015

On the weekend, I visited my Mum and while there, she asked me to do her make-up for a stage production she was directing and performing in that evening.

I warned her I haven't done anyone's makeup since the 1995 Rock 'n' Roll Eisteddfod (and even then, that was a clown face #justsaying) but she insisted. So I had a go and started off alright, using her Nude by Nature BB cream, mineral powder and finishing veil as a base with blush and bronzer. I hadn't used Nude by Nature products before but they applied quite nicely even if it was a bit fiddly to get out of some of the smaller containers. The bronzer and blush were highly pigmented but could be blended out once I got the hang of it (and after a quick correct with some more BB cream). 

When we got to the eyes, she presented me with what was easily the most awful eyeshadow palette I've ever seen anyone actually own. Ever.

A crusty $2 shop special with weird chunks of I don't know what, and about as much pigment as the chalk dust that builds up around Miss L's blackboard. Also, no brushes to speak of.

"Haven't you got anything else?" I whined, after repeatedly telling her she should have told me so I could have brought real makeup and proper brushes along.

"I have one other palette," she said and came back with this:

Me: "OMG. I can't believe you still have that!!"

This bad boy from Piaf, who no longer exist as far as I can tell, is about 30 years old and saw my sister and I through every school social, Blue Light Disco and stage production of our childhood. LOOK. AT. IT.

I ended up using the Nude By Nature blush and bronzer on the eyes as shadow.

I then attempted to use a jumbo eyeliner crayon and ended up wiping/smudging most of it off with a cotton tip which worked out okay. A deep wine Rimmel lipstick completed the look.

Even if you or someone you know isn't a big makeup user, you might as well have something useable in your collection and you absolutely don't need to spend a fortune on it.

So Mum, when we meet up tomorrow, we will go to Priceline and have a look at some simple and budget-friendly eye products that are suitable for your occasional needs (and skin tone):

Maybelline Expert Eyeshadow Quad in "Designer Chocolates"
Models Prefer Customised Eye Shadow Quad in "Espresso Yourself"
Nude by Nature Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette
$24.95 (currently on special for $19.96)
Rimmel Glam Eyes HD in "Brixton Brown"
Essence Quattro Eyeshadow in "To Die For"

There is obviously no need to have a full 30 piece professional brush set if you only wear eye make-up occasionally but at least two brushes would be good - or cheat and get a double-ended one like this beauty from Models Prefer:

Models Prefer Double Eyeshadow Brush
$14.99 (Currently on 3 for 2 special)

Obvs I won't be buying anything because No-Buy July (and I already have my awesome Tarte Poppy Picnic palette). It will be tough browsing Priceline but I'll get through it with support.

Speaking of which, did you see Mica from Away From The Blue and I in the Sydney Morning Herald talking about No-Buy July?

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