Shopping Wins and Fails

January 28, 2015

I've been needing to inject some freshness into my summer wardrobe after a ruthless cull of the shabby, the ill-fitting and the out-of-date. This has proved to have been harder than expected.


1. A much anticipated double-dress parcel from ASOS was promptly returned when the contents within proved cheap and poorly fitting.

2. I bought this floral dress in Big W, tried it on and it looked fine . . . it wasn't until I got it home, popped the tags and cut the hanging straps off that I realised it had metamorphosised into a hot mess. I liked the fit enough to ask my mother-in-law for some sewing help rather than consign it to the Savers bag but even that couldn't save it.

I do like it though, so I'm saving it to wear with a cardi for cooler weather.

It's a common problem for me in summer, trying to get some updated hot-weather ensembles and being constantly let down by oversized arm holes, pulled forward by a bust that is "very full in the front, isn't it dear?" Thanks, Bras 'n' Things lady, for NOTHING.

3. Observe this stitching fail from Target that takes me back to my breastfeeding days.

Not cute.

4. Then we have this chevron Kmart maxi:

Come on, now!

Ridiculous. You might remember I alluded to this dress when I posted about shopping with toddlers and the resultant wardrobe malfuctions.

5. I was excited about trying on this Missoni for Target dress. It felt gorgeous and was a nice pattern. The bodice had other ideas. 

Yeah. Nah.


1. I did pick up a few things in Target though. I finally got on the resurged chambray trend with this linen midi dress. For only $10! Ten dollars for linen!

I wanted to try and get some colour into my summer wardrobe. That's why I also ended up with a black silky top and a plain black sleeveless dress that had compliant arm holes. No pics available online though. Boo.

2. More wins at my local Savers where I picked up all of these tops for about $35.

3. And another win at the Salvos in Gawler with a couple of sleeveless dresses. SLEEVELESS!!

I’d like to show you pictures of me wearing them, however I managed to get some stupid neck/chest area burnage on Australia Day so it’s high neck all the way at the moment. Let me tell you, however, the mortification of having a lobster neck is nothing compared to the guilt I felt looking at my toddler’s little red cheeks. Parenting fail.

4. Finally, I visited a Coles that had a range of Mix Apparel items in store, so I picked up a pair of pyjamas:

$5 plus $5 for the matching pants, not pictured.

This little top for bubby:

$5, just $5

Also, a cute pair of floral shorts for me - down to $14 with 30% off shorts (which I can't find a picture of on the Mix website ) and a chambray short-sleeved shirt for the husband.

$15 for this one

Me: "I got this for you. Try it on so I can return it if it doesn't fit."

Him: "That's not for me!"

Me: "Yes, it is"

Him: "It looks like chambray!"

Me: "It is chambray. It's back."

Him: [dubiously tries it on]

Me: "Looks good!"

Him: "I don't really see me wearing this."

Me: "You will. With shorts."

Him: [heavy with sarcasm] "Boat shoes too?"

He'll wear it.

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  1. Unfortunately all your fails illustrate exactly why I still prefer to try clothes on in real life rather than buy online.

    I like the look of your red top from Savers. It looks like its got an interesting strappy back to it.

  2. I know, depending on the returns policy, there are a few things I'll gamble with online; others I don't even bother! The Savers top (Jeanswest) does indeed have a cool lattice back. It's actually a dark pink but looks red in the pic and I'm wearing it today with a pair of patterned pants!

  3. Large arm holes are terrible. I love the Target bargain! What a great dress. Rachel xx