Moving with Motivation

January 23, 2015

Along with approximately two-thirds of the population, I made some vague and unspecified resolution on January 1 about getting fit/eating better/losing weight/being more active. 

*dramatic flop*

Actually, it’s not that bad. Well, the eating bit is hard. Or should I say, the not eating bit is hard. But I’ve managed to be reasonably active and one thing that’s helped is this pretty thing, as foreshadowed in my New Year’s post. Well, I got my friend Stacie one for her birthday (in teal) and she obviously needed someone to be Fitbit friends with, so I essentially got it for her.

Fitbit Flex on special from Harvey Norman for $97 with $20 gift card!
Bonus. Party. Excellent.

It's funny how much it actually motivates you to move - I don't dare waste a step without wearing it - and I may or may not have been spotted dancing around the loungeroom at around 10pm to get myself up to that critical 10,000 steps flashing light buzzing disco party!

Then of course, you need an awesome waterbottle with a compartment for all the things you need while you’re out doing your exercise . . .

Contigo Kangaroo Autoseal Bottle
$16.95 from

And some nice exercise clothes so you don’t feel like more of a slob than you actually are.

I can always appreciate a snazzy legging:

Camarillo Capri leggings
The Iconic $47.99 

I don't do visible bra straps or side boob panels and find it hard to obtain a compliant tank or singlet so it's tees for me all the way.
Active Athletic tee
Target $15.00

Then there's the serious things that you really do need, like a decent pair of kicks. I have a pair of Adidas adizero sneakers (in pink of course) and I find them really comfortable.

Also - if you're built like me - a super supportive sports bra. I got a two pack of Berlei similar to this on sale from Harris Scarfe and I can honestly say my ability to run has been greatly improved by wearing them. Not feeling the physical discomfort or self-consciousness that come with excessive bounce means I can just crack on with my running and worry about other stuff like breathing and not tripping over.

If only actual exercising was as fun as shopping for the various clothes and accessories. Couldn’t they develop some sort of app where the more exercise you do, the more points you acquire to buy fun stuff? I’d be smashing marathons within the week!

I don't have scales at home so I weighed myself at the chemist the other day and was surprised that I was actually under my anticipated weight. Okay, only by about 800 grams but it's still under! I’m continuing to run or walk every day and have hit my 10k steps for the last 6 days in a row. I can't be bothered with logging my food, especially as the FitBit database is American and therefore not very helpful.

Next stop, water. I don't drink enough. Does anyone? I went here to try and calculate how much I personally might need as I find it difficult to imbibe loads of liquid and thought perhaps I was aiming too high. Nope. It recommended 2.6 litres a day. I'm lucky to manage a litre of liquid in total for a day including any other random drinks besides water (of which I don't have many). I find going to the toilet a boring chore so when that increases, it makes high water level intake even more tedious. So that's still a developing competency.

I'm joining up with Agent Mystery Case for #fitfashionfinds and The Fashionable Mum for #TFMFIT and Redcliffe Style for #exercise style . . .  it's all happening in 2015!

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  1. Thanks so much for joining in. I've been really motivated to keep moving thanks to sharing my efforts with The Fashionable Mum (#TFMFIT). Will head over and check out Redcliffe Style now as well.

    I went with the JAWBONE UP for my fitness tracker. Mainly due to my hand swelling issues and it was the only one that didn't add to the problem but it doesn't seem to have all the features as your one.

    I'm going to have to case that drink bottle now.

    1. I feel like the more I share, the more accountable I am so this has been the first time in a long time I've felt genuinely motivated to get moving! It's great that others are doing the same. I liked the Jawbone but I went with the Fitbit thinking it had an alarm that buzzed when you were inactive too long. Apparently only on higher models, despite what their website says *frown* you can set your own alarms though so I've set repeating ones for work days when I'm likely to be deskbound!