Mens Sana in Corpore Piger

February 02, 2015

Now if you follow Carlton in the AFL (like me) or up with your Latin mottos, you’ll recognise this paraphrase of the saying “mens sana in corpore sano” – a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Mens sana in corpore piger” roughly translates to a healthy mind in a lazy body, which is TOTALLY what I have.

But you know, I'm working on it as part of my health kick 2015.

On Mondays, I do a Body Balance class at the gym. Body Balance is a combination of tai chi, yoga and pilates. According to the LesMills website  :

Body Balance will improve your flexibility and increase core strength while you reduce stress levels. You'll focus your mind and create a lasting sense of wellbeing and calm. Controlled breathing, concentration and a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses to music create a holistic workout that brings your body into a state of harmony and balance.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Now, I will work hard at the stretches, the balancing, the lunges and the breathing but I really struggle with focusing the mind. At least, focusing on *clearing* the mind.

Here’s a little run down of my thought process during a half-hour class, starting with the waiting around outside the studio.

Yay! I made the effort to come! Well done, me! [mental high-five]

Now, let’s see what’s happening on Instagram while we wait.

OMG! This woman has just whipped into downward dog less than a metre from my face and is now LOOKING at me from between her legs. WHY.

We’re not even in the room yet.

Oh good, she’s stopped and gone into some sort of lunge.

Okay, we’re in. Awkward door entering as previous people file out.

[catch glimpse of my hand which is covered in swatches of Australis’ Velour Lip Matte Cream] I can’t believe that stuff is still on. I should have got one. $6.95!

[shoes off, bag in locker, give ticket to instructor]

URGH, someone is in my spot.

I’ll go here.

No, I’ll go here . . .  actually, I’ll go over there. That’s better.

[awkward standing]

Okay, we’re starting now. Breathe in . . .

Am I bending my knees enough?

Bit more, okay.

Should I get the red or the pinky coral?

Bend knees.

Swooshy arms.


I’d love to get the magenta but it’s so super bright. Like pink zinc cream.

Be a good statement colour though.

Where would I wear it?

Well, the Fringe is coming up and there are a few things on.

Yes, that’s true.

Maybe I’ll duck back through Priceline on my way back.

Oh, new song, new moves, okay.

Roll down . . . this pedicure has lasted pretty well.

I like this colour. Hey, what about that $10 Models Prefer manicure kit in the dump bins at Priceline for $10 with the beads?? They were cool.

I never do my own nails anymore though.

It would probably turn out to be a Pinstrosity.

Remind self: search bead manicure fails on Pinterest.

I can never do this planky bit, I’ll just ease myself slowly down to – whoop, up we go again.

Oh yeah, breathing, right.

These pants are too slidey.

I can’t believe I didn’t get one of those lip creams.

Even the bright purple was pretty rad.

Okay, new move, woah bit wobbly.

Regain composure.

Bend and . . . OW OW OW CRAMP IN HIP, OW.

Shake it out.

Let’s try that again . . . OW, NOPE.

New move. Ooh this is a bit . . . am I doing this right?

[furtive look around]

Yeah, I reckon I am.

Phew, finished that one. Okay, floor work, sweet.

WHY are you facing me when everyone else is facing the other way?? Don’t look at me!

Now it’s leg lifting . . . uh oh, gas bubble. *Clench*

Right, I think it’s safe.

Ooh, this is a tough one. Failing. Failing.


And again . . . argh, clenching again.

That was a close one.

Which Priceline should I go to? Maybe I should wait until tomorrow and go to the one closer to home.

But that one has some sort of delivery issue and has been drastically out of stock for ages, is it worth risking it?

I could go to the Gawler Place one on my way to the bus.

I need to find out when this Australis sale finishes. They even had one of those AC On Tour contouring palettes that people are raving about and are apparently hard to get.

I need to learn how to contour and highlight and stuff.

I need a dome brush too. I’ll wait for a sale. Apparently the Models Prefer one is good.

Oh wow, I should be getting my quarterly Priceline voucher soon! FREE STUFF!!

Oh, I forgot to look at hair product while I was in there! Damn it.

Are we done? We’re done! Relax time, yay!

Breathe, relax, vertebrae, jaw, eyebrows etc.

This is SO the best bit.

I could just drift off and . . .


Bloody meatheads upstairs dropping their 3000kg weights on the floor.

Now I’ve totally lost my focus.

Where was I?

Ah yes, Priceline . . .

Australis Velour Matte Lip Cream currently $6.95 with 30% sale at Priceline
Also, some eye crayons.

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