Jewellery Remix

January 20, 2015

Much to my Mum's disappointment, I can neither knit, sew, crochet, hem, mend or quilt. My sewing project in Year 9 was a nightie which I cleverly designed by cutting a neckhole from a folded piece of material (mint green with white spots) and running the side seams up (crookedly) just far enough to leave holes for my arms. Even the guy who made leather happy pants got better marks than me which was a cause for some consternation.

So I'm not particularly crafty and I suspect my dyscalculia (and lack of patience) plays a part in that but one thing I do happen to do from time to time is remix or repurpose jewellery.

Ages ago, I considered making a return to bold earrings so I picked these up from Valleygirl for the staggering price of $2.95.

Only yesterday did I get around to jamming them into my ears and they looked frankly ridiculous. I still liked the enamel Deco-inspired design though, so I had a squizz to see if there was any way I could repurpose them. Happily, they were connected to the main gold triangle base by a simple loop. I just needed a gold chain to make an earring into a pendant.

In related news, I went to Lovisa today and got some bargains:

Oh, what's that I see in the middle, some gold chains with some ho-hum pendant action.

Ready? O-KAY!

Step 1, separate base of earring from desired dangly bit with jewellery pliers.

Step 2, detach unwanted pendant using same method.

Step 3, replace unwanted pendant with desired dangly bit.

Step 4, enjoy cool new - and unique - pendant necklace! Since you have two earrings, maybe make one for a friend. A friend who isn't going to rock it at the same time as you, of course. This is not Year 9.

Added bonus: left-over triangle stud now more likely to be worn on its own! Sustainable jewellery FTW! 

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