#StyleCostProject: April

May 01, 2018

There was a bit of excitement around the #StyleCostProject this month, when Nikki at Styling You gave it a shout-out and linked to the cost tracker spreadsheet! Welcome to any newcomers who might be dropping in to see what this cost tracking is all about. It's pretty much me showing you what I've bought (saved) for the month and attempting to get photos of all said items, which can be harder that it looks sometimes because as I review the first three items of the month which all came from the same Cotton On order, I don't have photos of any of them. So here are some links instead . . .

As you might know, I'm a Cotton On affiliate (see end of post for more detail) but you might not know that I can furnish you with a sweet 15% off full price across the Cotton On group with code: S5L65933XH94. Valid until the 24th of June.

I ended up returning a couple of other things from the same order in store, and while I was there, I was very taken with the Ellie 2 longline cardigan in "winetasting marle" - which is quite frankly one of the best item colour descriptions ever - and used my $10 voucher for signing up to their new Perks rewards program. Wore it that night.

This month also sparked a bit of a weird crush on Sussan. I have only ever bought one pair of pyjama pants from there on sale about 10 years ago. This month, I have bought no fewer than 4 items from Sussan and if they still had the mid-blue jeggings in Medium, would have been 5.

First, this navy spot sequin jumper which I successfully sale stalked from $99 to $49.

And two pairs of knit jeggings, also half price at $34.60 each. Here's the black and I also got dark indigo as well (and I'm totally going into the Rundle Mall store tomorrow to suss for those mid-blue ones). Also pictured, the foil loop tasselled scarf, also Sussan, also sale stalked, for $11.30.

I picked up a pair of yoga type fleece trackies from Best & Less for $7 but I need them taken up because they are ridiculously long. The jeggings above are also too long but I can at least roll them under. But speaking of perfectly-lengthed leggings, I received a pair from Vault Active (see below) that I will be sharing more about next week, so stay tuned for that.

I hit up Savers after making a donation and grabbed some jumpers for dagging around the house in cooler weather. If you run into me in Bunnings, I will probably be wearing one of them. Ironically, this one is from Sussan!

And this one is from the Mart of K. I know. Stripes. Groundbreaking.

Finally, you may have seen over on Instagram that I style stalked @desperatelyseekingsuzy and picked up this Khoko jumper from Harris Scarfe half price.

Monthly totals

Items acquired: 13
Total RRP ticket "value" - $568.50
Total paid - $239.81
YTD spend - $704.11
YTD "value" - $1,756.90

This post contains affiliate links and gifted items. By clicking through and purchasing, you're not paying any extra but I earn a small amount of coin to fund May's purchases - well, it takes forever to clear so probably more like October, but it all helps. For more information, see my PR & Media policy.

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