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May 05, 2018

I mentioned a little while ago that I'm making some fairly tentative forays into trying to be a bit healthier and so far, I am progressing slowly but surely. Part of this includes exercising. I don't know about you but I always feel a lot better about working out if everything is secure and comfortable and my pants aren't going to ride down every time I pop a squat. So when I got the chance to try a pair of leggings from new activewear brand Vault Active and get a Q&A session with the brand's founders, I leapt (after warming up and stretching sensibly) at both chances.

Vault Active leggings | Almost Posh

I chose the Elite leggings from the range and was I ever thrilled that they were the perfect full length on me - by which I mean a cropped style for typical-legged humans. I find a lot of activewear pants are ridiculously long but these are just right. The mesh detailing, comfortable seams, back pocket and premium fabric all add to the quality feel.

Vault Active leggings | Almost Posh

Please note, I do generally wear a top and shoes when on the elliptical trainer but I wanted to show you the generous and smoothing abilities of the waistband. I'm a full-figured 12 and am wearing the Large size.

Vault Active leggings | Almost Posh

Vault Active is the Australian activewear brand of Sophie Van Den Akker and Kate Benden, lifelong friends and now business partners who have launched their first capsule collection. I was happy to get the chance to ask them some questions about the brand.

How long has Vault Active been in the planning?

Sophie: Our journey for Vault Active has been in motion for the past 18 months. Vault Active has always been a lifelong dream of ours and to share it together was a dream come true. This was a natural progression for us as we live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Was there a specific wardrobe malfunction that led to you developing the Vault Active leggings?

Kate: The biggest problem we found that a lot of the leggings we owned were falling down especially while squatting, and watching many people at the gym bending over and people standing by seeing a little more than a gym should offer. We also found a lot of brands were see-through so this was something we took into consideration whilst designing our range.

What do you look for when choosing activewear for yourself?

Sophie: The comfort, cut, style, colour, supportive and definitely not see-through!

Kate: And something that when we are exercising, it doesn’t have to be readjusted every five seconds. We want to focus on our work-out, not our clothing adjustments!

What brands inspire you? 

Sophie: Intimo shares similar values to Vault Active and that’s why we adore them, Women want to feel comfortable, beautiful and confident. Intimo work to empower and support women whilst making them feel amazing. The company is extremely inspiring and motivating.

Kate: Nike represent strength and resilience. Their “JUST DO IT” attitude relates to and inspires the majority of the community, they are a household brand that everyone knows, even kids. We are inspired by their constant innovation.

The Vault Active look is inspired by Melbourne (black!) – what’s it like to work out in Melbourne’s unpredictable weather?

Sophie: Confusing! Haha!! Our upcoming range will have something for every season, as we know how unpredictable Melbourne weather can be, so it is best to stay prepared!

Kate: It’s nice to be outside training but sometimes you want that change and to be inspired inside so when it's wet don’t lose motivation!

What inspired you to offer a maternity range as well?

Sophie: We felt as though the market for maternity was limited and we saw this as a great opportunity to take matters into our own hands and create our own Maternity Range.

Kate: This was a natural progression for us as both of us are mums, and we really struggled to find what we were looking for. There was no way we were going round 2 without maternity activewear, so this time we wanted to create something functional, fun and stylish.

Are there plans to expand the range into other clothing and fitness accessories?

Sophie: Yes, there is! But surprises will have to wait! We cannot wait to share what Vault Active have in store.

What would you say to women starting out on their fitness journey that may be intimidated by the marketing of other activewear brands?

Kate: I feel as though no matter what shape or size you are, everyone starts their fitness journey somewhere and I feel as though people put so much pressure on and compare themselves to others when we should all hold ourselves high from the beginning. Progress is a slow process but if you’re willing to put in the hard work it’s just matter of being consistent and reaping the rewards as you go.

The Vault Active website offers recipes and workout tips – is it your goal to eventually make it a whole healthy lifestyle site?

Sophie: Absolutely!! We thrive on living a fit and healthy lifestyle and staying positive. We aim to educate people and help to create value in people’s life wherever possible; so by offering tips, tricks and recipes it’s just offering that little bit extra. We also will start to hear about people’s goals and resolutions.

What is next on the horizon for Vault Horizon?

Kate: BIG THINGS, starting off with our full women’s range we will also be moving down a different direction so make sure you stay tuned!

Sophie: It’s really exciting!

Vault Active leggings | Almost Posh

Currently on sale at $79, these leggings are not Kmart cheap but more like an investment in keeping your business in place.

What do you look for in activewear? Ever had any gym wardrobe malfunctions?

"Elite" leggings kindly gifted for review. All images, opinions and curves are my own and authentic. For more information, please see my PR & Media policy.

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