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August 16, 2017

Although the warmth of Darwin seems a distant memory now, it was a great opportunity to bust out my new sunglasses that were kindly gifted to me by

I've collaborated with them previously way back when, but the glasses frames I chose on that occasion were too big for my pin head so I got my friend Stacie to model them which she did so very nicely.

I had similar trepidation when choosing the Elaine Round in pink with silver mirror coating as I struggle finding glasses online but I was pleasantly surprised when they turned up eventually (which involved a protracted interaction with security at the Adelaide branch of the ATO to collect my misdirected package, don't ask).

Elaine round sunglasses in pink | Almost Posh

Anyway, I packed them in my suitcase and wacked them on my face prior to a night out with my sister and this was the look:

Bonus cameo appearance by my sister's cat, Blitzen, taking a break from terrorising other cats in the neighborhood and scabbing free food.

If you're interested, the dress is from Katies, the shoes are from Spendless and the clutch is my Louis Vuitton pochette that came with my Neverfull tote as an added bonus.

I'll be looking forward to busting these out proper when summer comes to Adelaide. They're a fun, fresh style and decent value for the price - you can even get them as prescription frames if you so desire.

Are you keen to try any new styles of shades this summer? If so, use GSHOT50 to get 50% off full-price eyeglasses and sunnies. You're welcome.

I was kindly gifted this pair of sunglasses for review by All opinions, words, images and sisters are my own. For more information, please see my Work With Me policy.

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