#StyleCost2017: July

August 08, 2017

A bit of a delay in bringing you the #StyleCost2017 round-up for July but you may have seen on Instagram, I've been away on hols in Darwin. By rights, this blog post would be empty had I actually stuck to my plan of #NoBuyJuly17 but we all know that didn't happen.

Unlike Mica, who has completed her seventh month without shopping, I wasn't quite as successful and have decided that shopping bans just aren't my jam and I probably won't be doing them in the future unless it's by accident or coincidence.

So as you might recall, the company I work for was nominated as a finalist in the Telstra Business Awards and were invited to attend the black tie announcement dinner and my pre-planned dress did not arrive in time. So I went to Myer and landed this Jayson Brundson jacquard dress for a mere $104 marked down from $229. AND because it had black in it, I didn't need to buy new bag or shoes, so really, I saved money.

So what of the other dress? Well, surprisingly, it did actually roll up eventually, having gone the scenic route through a number of other countries and when it did come, it was a touch small around the waist. It's still really pretty though. Soz for the bad light. Although this came in under last month's spend, for your information, it was originally priced at $79.95 but thanks to a coupon code and app special, I got it for $42 which has since been refunded in gift card credit format. Here's what I bought it as . . .

And it actually was pretty accurate!

eShakti dress | Almost Posh

As I mentioned, we headed off to Darwin and I was in desperate need of some new thongs. Well, I bought some. I ended up going for the Crocs Isabella flip flops I mentioned in that post and I got them for 20% off as my first order, so $31. Which is a lot for thongs really, but I now value comfort over cost in terms of footwear.

Crocs Isabella flip-flops | Almost Posh

In preparation for the trip, I pulled down my boxes of summer gear, only to find them virtually empty. So I threw everything out the window and hit up Kmart like any normal person would. I got two excellent shift dresses with tie-up necks in stripe and black fr $10 each which I used for transitional dressing between Adelaide and Darwin. Simply add or remove fleece tights and cardi as required.

Kmart tie neck shift dress | Almost Posh

I also picked up a sleeveless floral top for $9 and some 3/4 length harem pants for $12. Here's a fairly average pic. I didn't do a lot of posing up there apart from a couple of nights out . . .

Finally, I won a $50 gift card from Spendless Shoes on Instagram so I filled a gap in my shoedrobe and got these Tavia strappy low heels worth $39.95.

Tavia heels Spendless Shoes | Almost Posh

So for a no-buy month, here's the total spend:

Items acquired: 7
Total RRP ticket "value" - $349.90
Total paid - $176
YTD spend - $1,518.18
YTD "value" - $3,464.76

Did you have a crack at No-Buy July? How did you do?

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