#StyleCost2017 : April

April 28, 2017

Look, this whole year shooting by is already getting a bit ridiculous, don't you think? Here we are at the end of April already when I'm still feeling a little full from Christmas.

By my standards, I went a little nuts on the old retail therapy this month but you guys, SALES. I made it a focus to concentrate on A/W tops for both work and casual as I had identified that as a massive gap in my wardrobe and I am pleased to say, I think I have filled it with some expert sale stalking. Naturally, the weather turned on beautifully warm days from then on so I haven't even had a chance to wear them, never mind the fact I was grossly sick for nearly two weeks and in no mood to do anything remotely involving photographs.

Whinging aside, first off was the navy version of the Sangria bell-sleeved top* I bought from Katies* last month. Not only did I snag the last one in my size in store, it was also 30% off all tops AND I had a $5 voucher from last month's purchasing. So this $29.95 top was mine for the princely sum of $16.05. Yes.

katies navy bell sleeve top | Almost Posh

I don't often get to Harris Scarfe these days but I happened to swing by during another 30% off sale and bagged two of the same double-layer jumpers from Luca & Marc in different colourways which is how I roll when something is cute and cheap. I got the navy and the blush which is pictured below.

luca & marc 2-in-1 knit | Almost Posh

Then one day I found myself in Target. I style-jacked Liv from Eenie Meenie Miney Mum with this pink polkadot knit I'd been eyeballing (full price but just had to have).  See how she wore it. . . .

target polkadot knit | Almost Posh

Then the clearance racks coughed up this emerald and black contrast top for $19.

Target contrast top, katies jacket | Almost Posh

And another of my go-to tee styles I bought back in February, down to $10 from $15 :

Target striped tee | Almost Posh

And a geometric print tee for my workout wear for $10. Not pictured.

Strolled into Rivers*, also during a sale, for some casual zip-up jumpers. Funnily enough, I had nearly popped on this twin-pack from ASOS* the night before:

Only to find 2 x jersey leisure knit bombers* just like these for $12 each. Yes ma'am.

There were no hard feelings towards ASOS* though, as I pounced on yet another sale and added these to cart in the spirit of #neversaynever2017:

One Day petite leggings with stirrup detail*

only asymmetrical striped knit | Almost Posh

Only striped asymmetrical knit jumper*

And a Brave Soul cardigan* which is yet to be worn.

And did the same with Cotton On*, as promised back in this post, for this open knit sweater in dusty raspberry*. Also yet to be worn.

STILL TO BE WORN . . . this variegated dot crew jumper* which I had scooped up while on sale but then forgot about my pink spotty one from Target but then decided it didn't matter because they were different enough.

Right, I said, that's it but then I had to drop off a couple of bags to Savers and I got my 20% off stamp and it would have been churlish to not have a look. I was quite restrained and left with only a Katies* split-back sweater thingo for $8 which hasn't been worn yet because it is in the wash.

Fun fact: 15 items acquired and only paid full price for 2 of them.

Totals for the month:

Items acquired: 15
Total RRP ticket "value" - $481.75
Total paid - $264.94
YTD spend - $795.99
YTD "value" - $1,838.06

* This post contains affiliate links. By clicking through and purchasing, you don't pay any extra but I earn a small amount of coin to mitigate the next identified gap in my wardrobe. For more information, please see my PR & Media policy.

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