Never Say Never: Spray Tan

May 01, 2017

This year, I'm trying to expand my fashion and beauty horizons and say yes to things I had previously said a big fat NO to in the past. You can read about my experience with white pants if you like.

Spray tanning to me was always (perhaps unfairly) associated with people like Snooki from Jersey Shore; orange-toned Oompa Loompas in bodycon dresses and big hair looking and acting extremely grubby. Over the years, I've been lucky to have skin that tans easily so I never saw the need for anything more than some Dove gradual tan moisturiser to bring my legs up from winter white in preparation for summer.

spray tanning equipment | Almost Posh

However, as I get older and spend less time in full sun (by choice as well as by circumstance), my tan doesn't get to anywhere near the levels of my younger years and when it does, it's uneven and plagued by sleeve lines and strap marks which do not pair well with the OTS trend of recent times. I also chatted to (non-feral) friends who swore by their spray tans and started to think maybe there was something to it.

spray tanning | Almost Posh

Late last year, when Jenni from Styling Curvy organised a #yourbodyconfident photo shoot down at the beach in our bathers, I knew I had to take action. The winter had been long and my skin was not summer ready so I started making some enquiries. One thing that has held me back from new experiences in the past (see: waxing, manicures / pedicures, eyebrow threading) is that I don't know what the protocol and procedures are. Then I beat myself up once I realise how good the procedure is and that it took me so long to get on board. Assumed knowledge is prevalent and one thing I fear quite a lot is looking like I don't know what I'm doing. I decided to be upfront with the salon, told them it was my first time while booking and asked them to talk me through it, which of course, they were happy to do.

I baulked at the disposable G provided and kept my dacks and an old bra with the straps down on throughout which wasn't an issue.

It does feel kind of weird to be standing in a small booth being coloured-in with a spray gun by a stranger, and the spray is a little chilly. I followed instructions and the result was a perfectly natural looking tan, just the same colour as I would be at the end of summer, only nicely even and (pretty much) all over.

I was impressed with the process at the time of the visit and took up the "two for $50" offer the salon had going. The affordable price surprised me, I always assumed it would be upwards of $50 a pop.

Now while the first experience was good, the second one wasn't so much, largely thanks to my skin still peeling after a sunburn incident a good 11 days prior. I felt like I maybe left it on too long as well as it was a lot darker than the first time and I wasn't quite as thrilled, by which I mean I was wiping myself with nail polish remover and scrubbing my skin raw trying to get some of it off before attempting to wear an off-the-shoulder dress for an event. Still, it worked out alright.

katies off the shoulder dress | Almost Posh

Are you a fan of the spray tan? If you haven't had one, would you give it a go?


I paid full price for the spray tan but the bathers were gifted for the photo shoot by Curvy by Capriosca swimwear and Sequins and Sand gifted Jenni the rashie that I am posing with. Photo by Jackie Reichstein. For more information, please see my PR & Media policy.

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