Never Say Never: White Pants

February 17, 2017

As I become older and wiser and my horizons broaden, I'm finding that I am relaxing previously firmly-held beliefs and being a bit more open-minded when it comes to a lot of things, including fashion and beauty-related matters.

Way back in the beginning of last year, I posted about the forthcoming 70s revival and how one should probably learn to never say never, lest it bite you when you do finally succumb to the trend.


If you read the post I linked to above (go ahead, I'll wait), you'll notice I had a bullet list of items that I was still dead against, despite the topic of the post, one of them being white pants / jeans.

Now, while all the hottest boys in Year 9 wore white jeans way back in '92, since then I've firmly believed white pants to be the sole preserve of eastern suburbs matriachs, to be teamed with a bejewelled sandal, trout pout and voluminous kaftan.

I made a snide comment in the squad group chat after I was instructed by an online retailer to "pair [a particular top] with white pants". This initiated a discussion complete with Pinterest references as to how they could ever look cute. I started to think maybe, just maybe, there was potential there after all and the #NeverSayNever2017 challenge was born.

First, I had to acquire a pair of said pantaloons and Katies came to the party with their 50% off everything sale. I tried them on a number of times . . .

It took ages for me to actually get around to wearing them for the first time, I chickened out a number of times prior, feeling like there was too much potential to get dirty so here's the first time I wore them out, during a rainy January day. As it was casual Friday, I went for a more relaxed look with this boho blouse and my metallic brogues.

how to wear white jeans | Almost Posh

It took me another long while to get to the second wear. I chickened out a few more times, feeling like my thighs looked too big or the overall combo was too weird. Being jeggings, it's critical to get the right length of top to ensure complete business coverage. The second time I amped up to a more workday look with this scarf from StyleWe and some almond toed flats.

Finally I took them into the night with this top, also from Katies and my lace-up block heels from Spendless.

Katies white jeggings and navy cold shoulder top | Almost Posh

So from never wearing to three ways, I'm feeling like my position has changed slightly on white pants but I'm not sure I'll ever feel entirely comfortable in them as they are stressful to wear.

Thinking about getting on the bandwagon but not sure where to start? Here's some places to suit any style, shape, age or budget . . .

White denim from Katies
White denim from The Iconic
White denim from Cotton On
White denim from Rivers

If you need more inspo, Allison from Sydney Fashion Hunter wore her white jeans every week for a year!

What's your position on white pants? How do you like to wear them? How do you keep them white? Asking for a friend.

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