I Bought A Denim Jacket

October 14, 2016

So what, I hear you say? It's a wardrobe staple. Who DOESN'T have a denim jacket?

Katies denim jacket | Almost Posh

Most of y'all don't know my life's struggles with coats and jackets. Close friends and anyone reading the blog for any length of time might know that whenever spring or autumn rolls around, I become consumed with my need (not want, NEED) of lightweight transeasonal jackets to get me through before bare arm / big coat season kicks in.

There I was, year after year, fruitlessly pulling 12s and 14s off the rack to accommodate my own, as sleeves dangled loosely around my wrists, shoulders sagged and backs puffed out. I came to the decision I simply wasn't a cropped / leather / pleather / blazer / denim jacket person.

That's before I learned a crucial styling tip that changed my life.


I know. Revolutionary thinking that opened my world. Earlier this year I bought this pleather / ponte jacket under guidance from Sonia Styling who assessed me as a size 8 at the Katies VIP Styling Night, bless her. If you follow me on Instagram, you're probably sick of seeing it.

Fast forward five months or so and I have worn it repeatedly with a range of things . . . but I started to get greedy. I wanted more options. A lighter, more casual look as Spring loomed on the horizon.

A denim jacket seemed obvious, touted as it is in every blogger style guide, but I just wasn't sure. They always seemed so stiff and bulky, with unforgiving sleeves and stupid pocket placement.

However, I'm nothing if not a tryer and Katies had done me well so I headed back there during their denim sale (all pieces $35, don't mind if I do).

I tried it on in-store, just off the rack, looking into the mirror.

I put it back.

I kept thinking about it.

I went back a day later and tried it on in the change room and sent a picture to my squad for advice.

Opinions were divided based on what I was wearing at the time.

I put it back.

I kept thinking about it.

I went back later that day and picked it up, thinking I could try it on over the weekend with a variety of options and if I still wasn't sure, I'd return it on Monday and no love lost.

After sending more pics to the squad, it was finally declared a keeper, so I present to you the first denim jacket I've owned since the mid 80s.

vintage dress, denim jacket | Almost Posh

philosophy dress, denim jacket | Almost Posh

jeanswest dress, denim jacket | Almost Posh

millers dress, denim jacket | Almost Posh

I'm still yet to try it with pants. I don't think I'm ready for double denim just yet.

Katies denim jacket - $69.95*

Ending midnight tonight, Katies has 50% off all full priced items. GET THERE.


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