October 10, 2016

I'm the first to admit, I had let my brows go far too wack for far too long. I'm not blessed with much in the way of them and I was basically just wacking on some brown eyeshadow with an angled brush and hoping for the best. Here's an old photo so you can see what I'm not working with. Excuse the weird blue eyeliner (choices).

natural brows | Almost Posh

Having them seen to professionally is such a hassle as the resultant lobster-red forehead is simply not acceptable for returning to work after lunch and I don't get a lot of solo shopping time to effect this transaction. Also, you have to time it to not be wandering around the shops with said lobster-head and every time I tried a walk-in at my usual go-to waxist, they couldn't offer me a timely appointment.


When I dropped Miss L off to her first kindy transition morning (I KNOW, RIGHT) I suddenly found myself with a couple of hours spare and naturally, since I was already over that way, I popped into the Plazz (that's Tea Tree Plaza for those not in the know), walked in to try and get my brows waxed, naturally it was no go for 20 minutes then walked past the threading place and thought, "why not?"

Despite my misgivings at having to sit in a kiosk literally in the middle of the mall (HATE) I dealt with my issues internally and took a seat as the lady whipped out a spool of thread and got to work. There was a bit of participation involved on my behalf, which included holding various bits of my face (this had to be communicated to me in the form of pantomime given a slight language barrier but that's okay, I'm good at charades) and in about ten minutes, I was done!

Yes, it was still a bit red after but it didn't look quite as angry and inflamed, so I think this is something I could get done quickly with or without Miss L in tow, providing I had some powder or something to camoflauge afterwards.

threaded brows | Almost Posh

Pleased with my newly shaped brows, I set about colouring them more effectively than the brown shadow I'd been using. Of course, I had been hovering about the Benefit bar for a test and as a result, was considering the Gimme Brow volumising gel for its micro-fibrous properties.


However, I read on one of the many beauty blogs I frequent (apologies, I can't remember which one, if it was you please advise and I will link to your post) that Essence (those budget beauty heroes!) had a dupe that was not only comparable but - hold on to your brows - BETTER than the Benefit prod.

Well, say no more. I got into Priceline quick smart and nabbed the lighter shade on offer. I didn't even care about paying full price because for $5.10, you cannot complain. At all. It's illegal.

essence make me brow gel | Almost Posh

You even get 0.8mL more in the Essence tube and the wand is finer, making for a more precise application. This is perfect for filling in the blonde ends of my fine brows and doesn't dump product into immoveable splodges. The fibres help look them look a little fuller without going OTT.

Conclusion: This is a straight up win for stinge, providing your brows align to one of only two colour shades on offer from Essence. Happily, mine do. This is the perfect quick swipe product for those of us not inclined towards Insta-brow action and at the price, I'll be sticking with it!

What do you use on your brows? Have you tried either of these and what do you think? Have you had your brows threaded before?

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