#AlmostPoshStyleCost : July

July 29, 2016

After something that came very close to No-Buy June, July saw a return to normal retail activity as I enjoyed some sales and a competition prize.

Shopping | Almost Posh

Firstly, I hit up Rivers during a sale and nabbed the fox print pyjama pants (not included in total costings as are pyjamas and don't count) and a much-sought-after pair of trackie pants.

Plus these bad boys for $20.

Ankle Boots from Rivers | Almost Posh

And this super comfortable, perfect fitting striped top.

Striped shirt, scarf, jeans and ankle boots | Almost Posh

Later that day, I found the pictured scarf and a 3-pack of belts at Kmart that included a perfect match for the Rivers boots which was most pleasing. I also got this jumper, worn with the aforementioned Rivers trackies. I don't mind telling you, I have lived in this combo during the cold weather.

Jumper and tracksuit pants | Almost Posh

Pleased with my haul and having snared a $5 reward voucher, I returned later that week to Rivers and picked up this sassy knit dress that I wore to the screening of Embrace: The Documentary which I highly recommend you seeing.

Jacket, knit dress, tights and ankle boots | Almost Posh

I also finally fulfilled my promise to myself to get a pair of gumboots. Typically, it then didn't rain for two weeks, however we're good now. Adelaide has officially received more rainfall by now than it did in the whole of 2015 and we still have four months to go!

Rivers gumboots with pink bird print | Almost Posh

I also won this blanket wrap in an Instagram competition thanks to Toddlers Plus Teens and Millers. It was twice taken to the airport to pick up relatives returning from warmer climates.

Millers blanket wrap prize | Almost Posh

Since my love of ponte pants and fleece-lined tights knows no bounds, I've been keeping an eye out for tunics and picked up this merino knit one at ALDI of all places.

ALDI merino tunic, tights and ankle boots | Almost Posh

After reviewing my spending for the month, I decided it was reasonably high and decided to reel it in for the remainder.

Clothes and Shoes
Items acquired: 8
Total original ticket "value": $236.95
Paid: $124.45
YTD Spend: $1,066.93
YTD "Value": $1,868.02

And as already mentioned, the only accessories acquired during the month were the Kmart scarf and the 3-pack of belts.

Shoppping haul | Almost Posh

Items acquired: 2
Total original ticket "value": $17
Paid: $12
YTD Spend: $65
YTD "Value": $783

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