Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara and Curvy Liner Review

August 01, 2016

As I mentioned on Instagram, I'd been wanting to check out these two new products from Maybelline so I popped on down to Priceline for a look-see and found them very pleasingly packaged together for the special price of $15.95 like so:

Maybelline mascara and eyeliner | Almost Posh

Long-time readers will know that one of my goals in life is to find the ultimate liquid liner that essentially draws the perfect winged eye with little to no skills required. Prior to this purchase, I had been using the Maybelline Hypersharp Wing liner which produced reasonable results, given my aforementioned lack of skills so I was keen to see if the different product shape made any difference.

Maybelline Curvy Eyeliner | Almost Posh

Maybelline Curvy Eyeliner | Almost Posh

I played around with the eyeliner one afternoon by drawing on hugely thick lines, then removing them with eye makeup remover until I ended up with this terrible photo that shows nothing:

Maybelline Curvy Eyeliner | Almost Posh

So I decided to trial it live on Facebook video this morning for your viewing pleasure:

Really though, who needs real eyeliner when you have Snapchat filters?

Snapchat | Almost Posh

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