Finding My Signature Style Challenge: Launch

May 06, 2016

Exciting news!

Not only is this my 200th post but, in collaboration with Agent Mystery Case, I am super excited to present the "Finding My Signature Style" Challenge running throughout May with not one but TWO fabulous designer mystery prizes to be won!

Whether it's mum chic, girly glam, tough pretty, minimalist or maximilist, we usually have a defined sense of style we gravitate towards because it works for us. Well, Raychael and I want to see it (and we especially want to see it if you didn't fork out big bucks to achieve it). 

Read Raychael's post here at Mystery Case.

DESIGNER MYSTERY PRIZE ONE (#signaturestylechallenge)

Share your Signature Style pictures to Instagram (or in a blog post), providing lots of details on your outfit and your signature style. Remember to tag both @almostposh and @agentmysterycase using our dedicated hashtag #signaturestylechallenge

DESIGNER MYSTERY PRIZE TWO (#shoulditstayorshoulditgo)

Share something questionable from your wardrobe to Instagram. Tag both @almostposh & @agentmysterycase using the dedicated hashtag #shoulditstayorshoulditgo. Include as much detail as possible about the item. When you purchased it, how many times you’ve actually worn it and why you think it is no longer working for you.

No Insta? No worries. There will be a blog linkup at Mystery Case next Friday to add your style posts to. Or, you can leave a comment at Mystery Case or right here, sharing your style OR you can send either of us an email!

Terms and conditions

  • Game of Mad Skillz
  • Not associated with any third party
  • Winners selected by Almost Posh & a mystery judge
  • Two winners (as above)
  • Can enter more than once
  • Australian residents only
  • Entries Close May 31st (9pm WST)

Now, much like my musical tastes, I sometimes find it hard to define my signature style in a short sentence but I'll go with classic with a modern twist, a dash of retro and a pinch of sass. Yeah, that's really clear isn't it?

What is clear is how much I love a bargain and if you've been reading Almost Posh for any length of time, you'll be well aware of this. In fact, the name Almost Posh partly derives from that feeling when you look the goods and have paid very little to achieve it. (It also references me moving "up the hill" which is a tongue-in-cheek Adelaide reference to moving into the north-eastern suburbs from the north). There you go, you learn something every day, right?

Here are some of my favourite looks ranging from a bit fancy, to work, to casual achieved with very little damage to the old bank account - including op shopping, crazy clearance prices, sales, gifts and judicious use of vouchers. Since tracking my expenditure for the #AlmostPoshStyleCost project, it's made digging up the item's price a lot easier - I can see myself continuing to do it after the project has finished.

FCUK dress| Salvos | $6.95
Glomesh bag | Op Shop | $4.50
Footrest leather heels | Op Shop | $2
Beaded belt | TEMT | $12.99
Total outfit cost: $26.44

BNWT Renuar dress | Savers | $14.99
Glomesh bag | Op shop | $4.50
Footrest leather heels | Op Shop | $2
Total outfit cost: $21.49

Dress | Crossroads | $34.97
Tooled leather bag | Op shop | $3
Flatforms | Spurr Basic | $20.96
Sunglasses | Kmart | $8
Total outfit cost: $66.93

Tee | Kmart | $5
Skirt | given by friend | $0
Flatforms | Spurr Basic | $20.96
Sunglasses | Kmart | $5
Total outfit cost: $30.96

Jumper | Kmart | $15
Jeans | Cotton On |  $37.46
Sunglasses | Kmart | $8
Converse | Christmas present | $0
Total outfit cost: $60.46

Denim Dress | Katies | $48.97
Leopard print wedges | Novo | $20
Total outfit cost: $68.97

Striped tunic | Katies | $12.40
Ankle boots | Target | $39
Necklace | Blush & Co | Christmas present
Total outfit cost: $51.40

Tee | Kmart | $5
ASOS skirt | Savers | $7
Emerson booties | Big W | $29 
Necklace | Savers | $2
Total outfit cost: $43

So will you be playing along with us on Instagram? Go on, it will be fun and the prizes will be to die for because you know Raychael has the sweet hook-ups. I am deadset spewing I'm not eligible to enter.

Don't forget the hashtags #signaturestylechallenge and #shoulditstayorshoulditgo !

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