This White Shirt Can Save Lives [guest post]

April 15, 2016

Today, Almost Posh is pleased to host this very special guest post from Lauren of Teacher Types about Witchery’s #WhiteShirtCampaign, supporting the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.


Hi there! I’m Lauren from Teacher Types and am by no means a fashion blogger like my friend Beth here. I wanted to share my story to support Witchery’s #whiteshirtcampaign, but my blog (which is all about early learning and parenting) wasn’t the right fit. So here I am. Thanks Beth for having me!

On the 2nd of October 2014, my lovely mum passed away from ovarian cancer. 

She was only 56. 

The tragic thing with ovarian cancer is that the symptoms are subtle, and it’s often diagnosed too late. The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation is raising funds for an early detection test. They also hope to raise awareness of the symptoms, so that women are more aware and will go to their GP if they are concerned.

Anyway, Witchery are doing amazing things to support the OCRF, with ALL the money (except GST) from their White Shirt sales going to the foundation. There are 9 white shirt styles for ladies to choose from and one for the men as well. So with two kids in tow, I hit the shops to try some on and make my contribution to this cause that is very close to my heart. 

On the left is a button up shirt with gorgeous lacy sleeves (I removed all jewelry before trying this one on, it was so delicate!). And on the right is the tie up blouse that I ended up getting. (That’s my little Miss M in the photo with me) 

Now as I said, I’m no fashion guru – but here are a few outfits I put together to try with my new white shirt. 

Date Night Glam
Denim jacket, black pants, Blush & Co necklace – we love Blush and Co because they’re a gorgeous local SA business.

Mum Casual
Shredded jeans, thongs, turquoise necklace (how great does this colour look with white?) + ‘mum’ pony tail.

Grey fitted jacket, black suit pants and pony (I usually wear a pony tail to work because I teach 5 year olds). 

Girls night out (although I haven’t had one of these in a while!)
Dark denim skinny jeans, heels, Blush & Co necklace

Layer it up – ready for the cooler weather to set in.
Waterfall vest and Katie’s scarf (from Beth and my previous evening of shopping).

Thank you Beth for handing over Almost Posh to me for the day. If you choose to purchase a Witchery White Shirt, please share on social media, use the hashtag #whiteshirtcampaign with the caption “I wear a white shirt because…” and be sure to wear it on White Shirt Day – May 2nd (I’m planning to wear mine for Mother’s Day as well).

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If your mum is still in your life, give her an extra right hug for me xx



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