[Not Another] Priceline Sale Haul

April 18, 2016

If you have any eyes on the Australian beauty radar, you'd know that Priceline recently dropped one of their famous 40% off sales and it was my favourite one; cosmetics!

Now, I will be honest, I am hardly lacking cosmetically but when has that ever stopped me, the sale is a good time to stock up on favourites or try new items for a fraction of the cost.

Here are the few things I picked up:

Australis Oh 2 Glow foundation

I was keen to get on this as you remember I asked for dewy drugstore foundation recs a while back but had not got around to actually acquiring any. Sadly, for about the millionth time, I picked up a shade that was far too light and ended up looking like Ghostface Killa which was supremely disappointing as I couldn't even get a feel for the look or coverage of the product because I was too distracted by the stupidity of my white face.

Australis Velourlips in "Doo-Bai"

It had been a while since I'd picked up any new Velourlips colours but this deep berry shade looks perfect for the cooler months.

Essence "Happy Girls Are Pretty" TE eyeshadow palette in "01 happiness is … seeing your smile"

This was a discard in the checkout line (although still fully sealed, I'm not an animal). I picked it up, liked the look of it and bought it mostly for the cooler mauve/grey colour. For under $5, this palette punches above its weight, with surprisingly blendable shadows and I love that cute "knit" stamping, just another example of Essence's little touches of luxe to an extremely affordable product.

Models Prefer Hair Elastics Blonde

Not part of the sale but needed to keep at work for those "nope, that's it - hair is going UP" days.

There was quite a bit of talk surrounding the apparent lack of stock during this sale, with reports that some stores were cleaned out by 9.30am and staff blaming lack of stock arriving from HQ. I would think that a much-hyped and very popular sale should be prepared for well in advance with adequate stock levels of all products across all outlets. I did want a Models Prefer blush brush and a couple of other things but there were hardly any brushes left at all by the time I got to the store at lunchtime, although other shoppers reported they ticked off all/most of their list at other locations.

Finally, sale etiquette ladies: browsing is cool, swatching is fine but don't be standing there blocking access to products while looking at something else or rudely pushing past to get to what you want; everyone gets a go, okay?

Did you pick up anything in the sale?

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