Recommend Me A Dewy Drugstore Foundation (Please)

February 01, 2016

Before Christmas, I acquired the Stila All Over Shimmer liquid illuminator in "Kitten" to much excitement.

Stila Kitten Highlighter | Almost Posh

That is, much excitement before realising (afer a few failed attempts to use it) that I required a dewy foundation for it to work and not my usual matte base. Thanks, Google.

As we know, beauty lovers, the foundation world is large, overwhelming and potentially costly. Once you get past the tedious process of finding the right colour, you need to find the right fit for your face.

I'm reaching out to the ladies who participate in the Monday Makeup Madness link-up and the beauty community at large to help a sister out!

I currently use Maybelline Dream Wonder in Nude for my regular face. I like it. I'd be wanting similar coverage and ease of use. My skin is average / normal.

What do you recommend I try for more of an evening glow? I'm leaning towards drugstore brands at this point given the opportunities to use it will be reduced because I don't get out after dark that much.

Any tips on technique are also welcomed. Currently, my highlighting effort is achieved by powder and brush method so word me up on the liquid stuff if you don't mind.

In other news, I thought I'd show you how much my makeup mess has grown in the last few years.

Here's my daily "work face" circa 2012.

old makeup | Almost Posh

And this is what it's grown to in 2016.

new makeup | Almost Posh

It's been a steady increase in products, due to a few factors; age, interest, skills, trends, knowledge, availability,  FOMO . . . 

Has your level of face product increased or decreased over the years? Got any hot tips on highlighting? What about the foundation?

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