Wardrobe Clearing & Maintenance

March 04, 2016

Over the Christmas / New Year break, I did a big BIG clear out.

Clothes hanging | Almost Posh

Huge. Several kilos of items were taken down to Savers and, not going to lie, it felt GOOD.

I am determined not to get back up to insane levels of useless clothing ownership, where I couldn't see the goods for the tees (see what I did there?? Come on, that's gold) and I'm going with the "love it or lose it" approach from now on. And if that means I have to re-wear my "good" things a bit more instead of pandering to my need to avoid repeating an outfit within a fortnight, then get used to seeing me in my new favourite striped top from Atmos&Here^.

Atmos&Here striped tee, culottes | Almost Posh

I also have a problem with "saving" items "for good" and discussing this with Mica at Away From The Blue, she is the same! You know, where you have an awesome special item but you don't want to waste the look on an insignificant event and eventually you never get full wear and enjoyment out of it? That. We need to stop that. And that thing where you want to wear something you haven't worn in ages but the same people will be at the event in question that saw you wear it last time (and they haven't seen you since) so you need to wear something different. That too. The struggle is real.

Also taking a leaf out of every wardrobe organiser's eBook, I did the old "turn the coathangers around" trick to get an understanding of what I'm wearing and what I'm not. Funnily, it is encouraging me to wear different things, like "Oh, that's already turned around, let's go for something that isn't so I don't have to consider chucking it at the end of the year". 

Exemptions have been granted to:
  • Formal and cocktail dresses that are still wearable
  • Calvin Klein work dresses that are a bit formal for what I wear to work now but are classic cuts and would be suitable for interviews or if have to corp it up for a work function
  • A few tea dresses and such that are just too pretty to part with but aren't worn regularly enough to warrant space in the wardrobe so they have been archived into The Vault (suitcase under the spare bed).
I often wish my Mum or mother-in-law had kept some of their original fashiony things so I hope Miss L appreciates the curated selection I am storing on her behalf which will be legit vintage and probs back in style by the time she's old enough to wear them.

Okay, maybe not quite that vintage. But I can't stop looking at this groovy GIF. It makes me laugh. And the one just bopping her head in the background!! Too funny.

If you're after a comprehensive guide to wardrobe auditing, check out this recent post from The Fashionable Mum.

On that subject, the coathanger-turning trick works well for hanging items, but what about things in drawers? Any suggestions? 

^ denotes affiliate link. By clicking through and purchasing, you don't pay any extra but I get a small amount of dosh to work on my minimalist wardrobe approach. Please see my PR and Media policy for more information.

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