Champagne Cartel Prize

March 07, 2016

I know it's getting a bit tiresome, but I kind of won a couple more prizes lately.

This one was a prize pack celebrating the relaunch of Champagne Cartel and it had some lovely makeup things in it that I wanted to talk about for Monday Makeup Madness.

Please excuse my amateur flat-lay skills. I learnt a few tips at the Bloggers United Adelaide day but these were taken beforehand.

Champagne Cartel Prize Haul | Almost Posh

I hadn't heard of Youngblood before but was quickly drawn in by the matte black packaging and lovely looking products:

Youngblood Eyeshadow | Almost Posh

Youngblood Cream Blush | Almost Posh

Youngblood Cosmetics | Almost Posh

The pigmentation on the Pink Ice eye shadow is AMAZING. One swipe and you have luxe shimmer from here to breakfast. I haven't quite got the hang of the creme blush but the Champagne Life colour (I see what you did there) is everything. And who doesn't love a shadow pencil?  The Eye-Illuminating Duo is gorgeously coloured and can be used for highlighting, shading or base-ing.

Speaking of pencils:

Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencils | Almost Posh

I was already well in love with the Maybelline Color Drama lip pencils (god, it hurts to write "colour" without a "u" but there you are) so I was happy to add more to my collection. Well, I kept the berry one and gave the other two to Stacie because I already had Fuchsia Desire and the red wasn't suited to my head. She will of course rock them and this:

MAC Cream Blush | Almost Posh

MAC! I know, it's very pretty. But I already had two really similar colours so I felt sharing the love would be appropriate. More MAC ahead:

Rimmel Eyeliner, Silke Mascara, MAC Eyeliner | Almost Posh

A classic black liner pencil will never see you wrong. I'm also interested to try the Rimmel liquid liner, as you know I am always on the hunt. The Silk Oil of Morocco mascara has quickly become my new daily drive. It has a slightly unusual smell but once you get past that, you have lucious ink-black lashes that aren't all stiff and scratchy.

Lime Lily Concealer | Almost Posh

I had been looking for a new concealer and I have to say that this LimeLily one is quite impressive. I just have to learn how to extract enough product from the squeezy tube without blurting it everywhere.

There you have it, a lovely haul thanks to the ladies at Champagne Cartel.

Makeup Haul | Almost Posh

In other make-up news, I finally got my hands on this and I'm loving it sick . . . (please note post workshop flatlay attempt)

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush | Almost Posh

The Real Techniques Face Expert brush usually retails for $22.99 but a combination of a 20% off sale (still on!! GET THERE!) and my Priceline rewards voucher saw it become mine for about $14. Can't complain about that. I'm really enjoying using it, I feel like it gets my Maybelline Dream Wonder foundation up to a really enjoyable finish.

In other news, I also won this lovely sarong from Styling Curvy's Capriosca Swimwear giveaway! I know!

Capriosca Swimwear Sarong | Almost Posh

Blogging comps are where it's at, so get amongst it if you don't already.

Did you have a nice weekend? It's gross and humid here for the week. Any tips on dressing for warm wet weather *revolted shudder* would be welcome.

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