How To Not Look A Hot Mess On Holidays

January 11, 2016

We are pleased to return you to your regular scheduled programming here at Almost Posh and trust you had an excellent New Year's holiday.

On with the show!

That's actually a question. Can you help me?

I had 11 consecutive days off over the Christmas / New Year break and I spent most of them looking a disgrace to style bloggers everywhere decidedly unpolished. Bordering on feral. As Adelaide sweltered through a heatwave, I slobbed about in tees and 3/4 pants, feeling bad about myself but not enough to do anything about it. Even on Christmas Day and New Year's Eve, where I had outdoor events on the go, I barely rose above minimum effort and felt wildly inadequate as Instagram exploded with sparkly frocks and faces. 

It. Was. Just. Too. Hot.

For realz. Also, can someone please make a pretty floaty maxi dress for short people that is not spaghetti strap, strapless, backless, racer back or otherwise cut away so I can wear a proper bra, look nice and not be roasting? Many thanks.

Here's us on New Year's Eve at Elder Park, waiting to watch the family fireworks, during which Miss L lost her nut (despite ear muffs) and screamed for the duration.

famly photo | Almost Posh
The "before" shot, obvs
I also spent the time wisely by doing cupboard cleanouts, taking KILOS of things down to Savers and flogging off baby items on Gumtree. I even decluttered online, cleaning up Instagram, Facebook, deleting old photos and songs and backing up my phone. SO MUCH ACHIEVEMENT. Don't worry, I didn't overdo it, I also spent plenty of time wisely watching Real Housewives of Atlanta and Judge Judy.

Didn't really get to the Boxing Day sales either, I bought something online that didn't fit so disappointingly back it goes. Did get a couple of minor things though . . .

Found this on a Target clearance rack. It's a size 6. I'm not. Hahaha.

Target floral swing dress | Almost Posh

I also used a Savers voucher to get this Lee Cooper chambray dress that was BNWT. AND it has pockets.

Lee Cooper Chambray dress | Almost Posh

Plus this Kmart sun dress. Outtake from attempts at capturing it as husband and Miss L looked on and laughed.

Kmart floral dress | Almost Posh

So how was your break (if you had one?) Do anything nice? Wear anything pretty? Are you back at work / back to blogging yet?

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