Priceline Skincare Sale Haul

February 08, 2016

As you might have seen on my Insta, I totally didn't intend to get anything at the Priceline skincare, suncare and tanning 40% off sale because I'm usually "skincare = BORING, talk to me when the make-up sale is on" and I have enough sunscreen and I don't use any self-tanning products.

Then this happened.

Garnier, Simple, Lucas Paw Paw | Almost Posh

Okay, it's pretty restrained for a haul but still up from nothing!

I'd recently read a blogger review on the Garnier Miracle Skin Cream so it seemed as good a time to get it as any and test it out. (I really wish I could remember which one to give them appropriate shoutouts but I read a LOT of beauty blogs). I'd also heard about the associated Miracle Skin Eye Cream so snagged that as well because why wouldn't you. 

Now that I'm in my late thirties, I have to give some thought to anti-aging products and this seems like a non-invasive and price-accessible way to kick off. 

I like Garnier stuff, I've usually got at least one of their products kicking about somewhere, although they have had a bit of an annoying habit of changing form and formula on some of their products over the years. Like they used to have this SOS spot pen that was awesome, then it changed into a rollerball format which sucked. They also had a really nice gel moisturiser that worked well for me, then it was discontinued. Boo to that but I digress.

Here's my head with nothing on it. Sorry.

Beth | Almost Posh

The Miracle Cream is pretty darn miraculous, as the name suggests. You probs already know this but it comes out of the tube white, then it CHANGES COLOUR as it goes on your skin! It's amazing! I'm all TRANSFORMERS: CC CREAM IN DISGUISE! The coverage is also impressive for what is is. The eye cream gives a bit of a lift to the under eye area although not quite enough to toss out my concealer just yet. I was trialling a Rimmel primer previously but I found my face was ending up oily at the end of the day which doesn't usually happen so scratch that (by which I mean I stopped using it and kept it in exactly the same place in my cupboard). 

Here I am after using both the Miracle Skin and Eye creams.I also added brows and mascara and a little lip tint because I went to the shops.

Beth | Almost Posh

Okay, it's still not Vogue but you can see how it just gives a nice even-ing out to the skin tone which is fine if you're just nicking to the shops with only a 30% probability of running into someone you know. Also just want to point out, my hair is still a little damp from washing. Not greasy. Just saying.

Side note: Priceline currently have a 3 for 2 on Garnier skincare if you're interested enough to check it out yourself!

As far as the rest of the products go, I remembered I needed some make-up remover and although I had intended to try some micellar water, I saw this Simple Eye Makeup Remover in a dump bin out the front for super cheap so I got it. It works really well too. A dab on a cotton ball and that next-day mascara smudge is gone without any oily residue. For the price, I'm super happy with the results.

Finally, the old Lucas' PaPaw ointment is the best ever for anything that's even vaguely dry and crusty. I should have got two tubes because I discovered later that both the one in my car and the one next to the bed have been used up #empties.

Annoyingly, after seeing other hauls on blogs and Insta, I have seen LOADS of things I should have got! Pore strips! Body scrubs! Hand cream! Gah.

Oh well, I believe the next one is around June / July so I'll have to be more prepared next time.

Did you pick up anything in the sale? What's your favourite Priceline 40% off sale; skincare, hair care or cosmetics?

Joining up with the Monday Makeup Madness link party. Thanks for your foundation recs last week too! 

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