Posh Picks: Personalised Gifts

December 02, 2015

As someone with a name that is not very common here in Australia, I spent most of my childhood looking jealously at racks of hairbrushes, mirrors, room signs and magnets longing to see - just once - my name on something. Not Elizabeth, not Bethany, just Beth.

It wasn't until I visited the States (where it's much more common) that I finally got to load up on keyrings and magnets!

So I fully understand the struggle of having non-personalised items and I'm here to help you with gifts for all the Maddysynns, Typh-anees and Epponnee Raes in your life.

Please note, you will probs have to jump on these quickly to make Christmas delivery. See the FAQs and whatnot on each item and contact the supplier to verify if in doubt.

TODAY ONLY (2/12/15) 


For Christmas:
Christmas Stocking^
Personalised Bauble^
For the kids:

Ballerina Bag^
Personalised Frozen Adventure Book^
From $14.99

For the adults:
Chopping Board^
Tea Tin^

Your local Myer store also has a range of personalisable options in the Giftorium, including the very popular personalised Nutella jars!

Can you always find your name on things or do you suffer like me? What is the most unusual name you need to buy for?

^ denotes affiliate links. By clicking through and making a purchase, you don't pay any extra but I make a small commission just in time for Christmas. For more information, see my PR and Media policy. 

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