December Style Challenges

December 04, 2015

Way back in April, my friends JenStacie and I ran the #PoshLadyIndigo style challenge competition on Instagram (won by Mica from Away From Blue) and we were starting to draft up a "12 Days of Christmas" one for December.

Except when December arrived, so did the style challenges from all directions! So it has been parked and will make an appearance sometime in 2016.

In the meantime, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em and try and get everything on the one pic.

Here's the ones I'm currently participating in . . .

Monday 30 November

Chronologically, the first one was Fashionista In Suburbia - #7lippies7days with the colour being "nude". Here's me with one of my favourites, the Maybelline Color Drama in "Nude Perfection". That's my colleague Kerry working away in the back there.

Tuesday 1 December

I missed the first prompt around stripes for both the #DAREcember challenge and #SummerStyleFile, but you know me, I wear stripes, so not a challenge. I also completely sat on the couch and watched television for most of the day so forgot to wear my coral lipstick for #7lippies7days. So you know, going well so far.

Wednesday 2 December

"Buns Hun" for #DAREcember using this hack plus Wednesday's lipstick colour "pink" in Rimmel "103". Couldn't do a maxi for work unfortunately so missed the #SummerStyleFile prompt.

Thursday 3 December

I didn't think I'd be able to produce a slogan tee for #SummerStyleFile until I remembered this bad boy, the unofficial tourism slogan of South Australia, worn with a Mimco arm party for #DAREcember. As I was going to the shops and hanging out, I couldn't do a berry lip with any kind of conviction so I missed that one. Included an alternate shot from the one that appeared on Instagram.

Friday 4 December

I am hitting both #DAREcember and #7lippies7days with my red lip today, thanks again to Maybelline Color Drama in "Red Essential". My sparkle and shine for #SummerStyleFile comes from my Blush and Co "Marble on Blush" necklace and some non-pictured Mimco rose gold bracelets. Another bonus alt shot for you, again featuring Kerry in the background.

Are you taking part in any of the many December style challenges to choose from?

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