Almost (Totally) Posh At The Cricket

November 30, 2015

As I get older, my tolerance for crowds and anti-social behaviour grows less and less, to the point where there are some activities that I am now totally restricted from including most music festivals, en masse wine tours and other events where I am not allocated a reserved seat.

I like going to the cricket but one particularly feral Australia Day sitting on "the hill" at Adelaide Oval saw me swearing never to return to that kind of general admission nastiness so it was the pricier reserved seating from there on in.

The past weekend, my husband was lucky enough to win three tickets to the exclusive Audi Stadium Club at Adelaide Oval through a raffle at work for Day 2 of the historic first day/night test against New Zealand, so off we trotted with my Dad in tow.

The Audi Stadium Club offers membership packages that are mostly used for corporate entertainment, like client functions or staff rewards which is essentially how we got in. There is a dress code that is strict but not onerous; collared shirt required, no double-pluggers, singlets, footy shorts, uggies, trackies or ripped stuff. 

I always go super casual to sporting events (and regret it later when I see other people dressed nicely) in jeans, tee, stripy cardi, leopard print scarf and Converse. Still, I was comfortable and sun protected. We all wished we'd brought hats though.

The swanky air conditioned bar was busy but never more than a person deep at any time, dispensing all manner of beverages - in glass if you wanted it. Had to be plastic for going outside though. As I was driving, I only had one drink and decided to try one of the Pimms pre-mixed bottles.

$15 later, I reflected that if I was going to have only one, it might as well be a good one and indeed it was.

After enjoying the inside, we reckoned we should probably go and check out our allocated seating which was in the middle of the level and gave a great view of the pitch. We were shaded for half the day but sun crept over, we got hot, went and stood in the air conditioning again, then the shaded concourse.

One of the biggest perks in this area was the exclusive toilets. No lines, no mess, plenty of toilet paper and paper towels to wipe your hands on. Luxury!!

Borrowed Mum's camera again . . .

We saw loads of people we knew/recognised including the guy from the water tank ad, the guy from the Computer Depot ad, a local real estate agent, a guy that used to work in the service deli of our old Woolworths that also recognised us which was funny, my ex boyfriend (#awks), two people my husband used to work with and Jenni from Styling Curvy who I Facebooked and then waved to when she turned around. So Adelaide.

Getting there was super simple. I booked and pre-paid for a parking bay in the Terrace car park a short walk away on North Terrace via Secure Parking. In after 12pm, out before 11.45pm and it only costs $8. Bargain and so super easy.

After leaving the cricket at about 8pm, we headed out for a late dinner at Cafe de Vilis in Blair Athol for a fast, quick and easy pie, chips and gravy because #posh.

We all really enjoyed the day and I am hoping that we score the tickets again for another occasion as I am now totally spoiled and have grown accustomed to the luxury lifestyle.

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