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December 11, 2015

Well, I don't know about y'all but the December pre-Christmas madness is in full swing for me as we all run around trying to catch up with everyone and attend everything before we turn to dust on December 31. It's still fun though, I do love meeting up and getting a little Christmas cheer on, whether it be for drinks, nibbles, coffee, brunch or sausages and soft drink at Miss L's daycare centre.

Last weekend, I met up with some people from the Facebook Radelaide Bloggers Group at Jarmer's in Bowden. Or is it Brompton? Maybe it's Brompton. No, I checked, it's Bowden. Never let it be said that I provide you with false information. Here's what I wore:

vintage skirt and white tee | Almost Posh

A white tee from Kmart, debuting an awesome vintage patchwork skirt from Buffalo Exchange in Texas thanks to Stacie and some Spurr flatforms.

We had a lovely morning chattering away about blogging, Adelaide, blog goals, ideas, general internet goss and - since we were all mums - a bit of pregnancy and parenting too.

Radelaide blogger meetup | Almost Posh

Present were Allie from The Way He Plays (and baby Camilla), Jenni from Styling Curvy, me obvs, Lauren from Teacher Types who organised the event (and many thanks to her), Alice from My Kitchen Garden and Liv from Eenie Meenie Minie Mum. I nicked the picture from Jenni's Instagram, thanks Jenni!

deconstructed iced coffee | Almost Posh
Deconstructed iced coffee
jarmers | Almost Posh

We were fortunate that Jarmer's did, in the end, let us pay "seperately" which was good because we all had cards and ain't nobody walking down Port Road in 40 degree heat in search of an ATM.

Then on Wednesday night, it was a coincidentally timed dinner meet-up with some of the other ladieeez from the Little Blog Big workshop at the Gilbert Street Hotel. I even ran into Sarah Jensen at lunchtime that day on Grenfell Street. Unfortunately peeps couldn't make it last minute but I still had a good time with Kate from Live Believe Relax, Jacquie from Blush & Co and a brief stay by Sarah from Heard About SA.

And I didn't get a single photo! Amateur.

It was great to catch up with everyone and hear about how their blog/business and life in general is going along and the plans for 2016.

In other news, I'm still attempting the Fox in Flats #DAREcember style challenge and the #SummerStyleFile and #7Lippies7Days is run and done.

Here I am knocking off "gloss", "black out" and "summer shorts" in the one go.

singlet and shorts | Almost Posh

Thought I'd be clever and go for another three-peat with "my favourite", "cold shoulder" and "Frankie Says Relax", unfortunately I was a day early for "cold shoulder".

Target floral dress | Almost Posh


Freez dress | Almost Posh

"Swishy" - special video edition. Excuse the face.

Tuck 'n' Roll - tempting to tuck in my shirt and let my rolls hang out but went for a hair style instead.

Messy bun | Almost Posh

I obviously failed to realise the next day was New 'Do but fortunately I had just been to the hairdresser so it still counts.

ponytail | Almost Posh

How about you? Been busy?

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